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  1. for the most part, the vast majority of the surfacing fish in the harbour at dusk are bullhead catfish.
  2. the cheap plastic scotty holders will work until your spindles strip and you have your holder spin around .... the cheap plastic teeth in the female piece quickly breakdown with the stress of a dipsy. the holder itself likely won't break.....
  3. one day a few summers ago were sight fishing shallow smallies. we had a bunch of dead gobies as "initially" it was suggested not to even put the dead ones back in the water. my old man had an idea while we were enjoying a sanwhich for lunch. lets toss them at the bass and see what happened. sure as anything, first toss, bass came up and smashed it on the surface... but it gets better. dad wanted to see how close he could get a bass to our boat.... after about 8 gobies, he had a bass directly below the boat, feeding it.... nature works in strange ways, lol.
  4. much better than the "G". which is why the increased cost. the best Curado ever - the "D" was also the most expensive. the "G" was the worst selling Curado to date. (shows by dropping price and quality does not equal in more sales)
  5. so according to the above, club tournies $70-$100 per, and they run every second weekend. you do the math, lol. Straight Line ANglers Club is a great club, focusing on many different species, not just one.
  6. you mean bills bait in hamilton doesn't have minnows? i seriously doubt that! tim has ponds chalk full of minnows....
  7. bass clubs are good if you don't have friends who fish in your area. assuming you like bass of course. paying for tournaments adds up quick....very quick... and it also obligates you to that species. example, i'm a multi species guy. if the kings are in my area, and are biting, thats what i'm fishing for. but maybe your club is having a tournament at some lake that weekend.... many don't understand that you might want to fish for a different species..... unless you fish bass and nothing else, then a multi species fishing club would likely be better....at least understanding wise..... as a non boater, you pay for gas, entry fee, lunch, and before you know it, your out a couple hundred dollars per tournament.... i played tennis for a number of years, that is likely the cheapest sport out there....fishing isn't golf, the most expensive sport, but it is close.... if i moved to a new area, and didn't have any fishing friends, i'd bite the bullet and give it a chance however.
  8. two questions (sorry if you already answered). was the fish kept and used for the "mold" for this fish? do you have a photo of the actual fish for comparison?
  9. likely something simple like it was a stocked fish. you get a fair number of strange deformitites with stocked fish. its amazing how these fish can survive ....
  10. simply put, there are many good niagara river guides. then there is paul. he is a step above the rest. if you got skunked with paul on the river, no one would have put you on a fish.
  11. with 2 bps's and 2 sail's within 1 hour drive of Hamilton I'm afraid of what the local shop atmopshere will be like in 5 years. at least sail is canadian and deals with local product developers - bps is a pure waste of time.
  12. not too bad...four fish at 15lbs each.... quality fish for four.... thought it would go 60lbs plus easily, but i guess things still aren't "on" yet.
  13. there is no min distance from shore...like suggested in this post. you can troll 2 rods even if your boat is trolling 10' from shore....
  14. chasin, i'm looking for colour 89. its glow white with green down each side, red front. or easier to find, but still love, the glow white ladderback with red front. thanks man! as for tekota's. i own 16 of them. i've had problems with only ONE of them. the oversized 800. you will not have a problem with a 300, 500, or 600. 700's and 800's have drag issues. with the way I fish, okuma's could not withstand the use. only tekota's. daiwa saltist is good. daiwa sealine's are also good.
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