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  1. Looks like people were walking on the East pier and fishing on the West side below the dam on the new concrete slab at Port! The new construction looks awesome but I think they were all still trespassing lol, I don't think its open yet but people are fed up being stuck at home, soo I think the law enforcement are closing their eyes out of good faith.... I hope people don't litter at Port when they open her up, otherwise we will end up like Bronte Pier!
  2. On another note, Walley fishing is hot right now on the Detroit River, both from boats and shore around the Ambassador bridge.
  3. Need rain, water is way to low and clear....Some small ones caught at GRT off the bridge but traffic is heavy lol.
  4. There is no carp in ponds yet, they are staging out in the lake for moving up to spawn. Unless you are fishing land locked ponds and lakes that have carp year round, its a waist of time.... I would target river mouths right now if you have to fish for them, seen pictures on FB guys carping in tents for carp up in Owen Sound.
  5. Trust me, I mostly fish the Niagara river/local waters which is my home turf COVID or no COVID. Yes, river is open to everyone, you can even travel up north if you wish to fish. Just understand one thing, the doctors and the politicians don't see it that way, even though its your right, they will impose lock down after lock down just because you piss them off....
  6. And that is the reason why Niagara is still in a lockdown and the surrounding areas are not, people from out of town coming to the falls on the weekends by the 100's.....
  7. Been going skating with the kids at GRT, packed with kids and parents skating! About ten shanties fishing past the bridge in the bay and more people skating...
  8. More cold weather on its way boys, hoping for Erie and Hell to freeze over!!!!
  9. Went fishing last two days, was the only angler at the Niagara river at first light! all good, except for a few anglers that came from TO to fish, fish your local waters guys and we should be ok! Niagara Parks Police drove by a few times, I 🖕 and no response, lol. No need to rock the boat! Here are some shots:
  10. If fishing is not allowed during the state of emergency, then why is the government still selling fishing licenses? You can purchase a license on line right now as we speak....If you purchased a fishing license for 2021, please present the license to any law officer that questions your practice, unless off course you are fishing areas closed by the municipalities, no different then driving a car. This would include Port D construction areas for people that are trespassing. Bottom line is, we have to stand up for our rights and freedom, no one is going get sick enjoying the outdoors, social d
  11. Water is good color, get out and try, lot of spots on the upper to fish with lots of access.
  12. Seems less fish last year and this year, water clearing now so should be prime tomorrow. In the winter I like to fish deeper slower water from the hydro tower down to Bowen road. IMO the water around the peace bridge in the winter is too fast and shallow for trout just like any other trout stream. Today I got skunked, might try tomorrow again but in the lower.
  13. Worms, tangle line fish farm...
  14. Went out today to the local trout pond, but had to pay for pound, lol..Kids had a blast, no one around...30 min of fishing:
  15. At least you got out, I went to the glen this afternoon and had to turn around due to craziness out there.....Never seen that many people in my life in this area...I bet you its all those folks from the areas where everything is shut down due to covid. That's the pool parking lot:
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