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  1. I checked the harbor on Saturday evening as well as CDP. Millions of people everywhere, swimming and fishing... Might try this evening for a first outing.
  2. I fished Pierpoint twice last week with not even a bite lol. Low, clear and warm... I don't fish trout during temps above 25C...Thanks for the replies, its carp time.
  3. I fished at Pierpoint Park yesterday, water was low and clear, no fish. Seems that this area lacks shade and trees, the sun was just beating the river like a furnace. Any suggestions where the fish would be this time of year? I will try at the end of line 6 today, "Blondies".
  4. Wait until someone gets hurt on those rocks fishing, the will post no fishing signs on the piers!
  5. Congrats Bill.! I am just going over my carp gear since I am almost done trout fishing. Can you post your maize recipe? Thanks, Tim
  6. Piers are open, tons of people walking on them. With the low water, you will need a longer net!
  7. They are amazing to eat! Cook them like a smelt, been cooking them for my kids every time we come home from the pond.
  8. Lots of trout in there this year but they are tiny, 8" to 12". The place was packed this weekend, I go there three times a week with my kids since we live 10 min away, we catch bass and panfish during the summer months. Oh BTW, Port D piers are both open! Went for a walk yesterday morning on the East pier, what an awesome job they did! Might go back there this evening with a rod!
  9. They will bite again, you are allowed to C&R. When the weather gets warmer that pond will kill the trout do to lack of oxygen and warm water. That said, trout in that specific pond should be catch and keep only since they are a stock fish with poor survival rate when released.
  10. I would encourage everyone to stick to their local waters, no need of me going up North or folks coming down from TO and fish here. Especially with the confusion that the government has created with regards to the rules and enforcement, we are almost at the end of this thing Folks....Had Covid back in January and getting my shot this Thursday.
  11. Thanks, might try there this week with my kids. Went to tangle lines farm today instead since I don’t want to fish around people, great local place but cold front shut them down...
  12. Did they stock the pond with trout this year?
  13. Seen Ford this morning giving a news conference, apologizing and crying like my 7 year old because he is grounded and can't go fishing! lol No logic and common sense in these decisions...
  14. Conservation are is open now, was there fishing few days ago.
  15. Looks like people were walking on the East pier and fishing on the West side below the dam on the new concrete slab at Port! The new construction looks awesome but I think they were all still trespassing lol, I don't think its open yet but people are fed up being stuck at home, soo I think the law enforcement are closing their eyes out of good faith.... I hope people don't litter at Port when they open her up, otherwise we will end up like Bronte Pier!
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