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  1. That spot on the American side is extremely dangerous, many people have fallen in that specific location.
  2. I heard a rumor that Rankin construction has purchased the property on the East side from the Dam all the way to the first dock from the city, this is where we fish for salmon and trout. Rumor has it, the company will develop the land for housing/condos, I wonder if fishing access will be restricted, I wondered why they never paved the parking lot but no wit makes sense....Any truth to this?
  3. Nice map! They should build a fishway to let the fish go up pass the existing dam, right now they are sitting ducks below both falls....Were you catching silver bass? My son caught one last Saturday about 1lb on a cleo...
  4. Start fishing more in that area, seen a guy catch an eel last night, about 30 guys casting for nooks but no action due to the heat. Also, seen carp, big bass and salmon jump constantly. I bet you that you catch catch perch on minnows later in the fall of the pier with browns as a bonus...
  5. Had a great day with salmon last Thursday from shore casting and then the warm front came in and pushed them out in the lake. This cold front/rain will have the main salmon run go up rivers. Other then that, been a hot summer with little action except for carp which shut down in late July...
  6. Where are you fishing? In the Niagara river you won't catch salmon on roe bags, skein is the only thing that works especially cured in hot pink Pautzke. Right now they fish are slowly moving, it has been a very hot late summer and the run is late in most areas. Once the fish show up at the pool in greater numbers, start fishing skein...
  7. Nice hen, what lure did you use?
  8. https://www.niagaraparks.com/media-room/media/niagara-parks-offers-daily-and-year-round-parking-pass-options/
  9. I bought the annual pass for all the parking spots, $40 for the year. You have to purchase the pass on line and they will mail you the pass. I actually paid $60 for the year when they first introduced the annual pass but they informed me of the drop in price and offered my a $20 refund or another year for free:)
  10. In the summer months I did well fishing at night below the dam in Cornwall...
  11. Brand new Lund 17.7’ with a 60H, not worth buying used LOL, same boat 20 years old goes for 60% to 70% of the brand new boat value, crazy!
  12. I just came back from a three hour shore fishing trip on the upper. Got three smallmouth bass on a three way. if I had a boat, I would fish the lower right now for bass and eyes, boat control is crucial, I would fish a three way rig with plastics and would get tons of fish. I learned vertical jigging on the Detroit river fishing eyes when I was 18 years old. Fishing from shore is tough in the summer as fish tend to be deep. I am planning to buy a boat in the next two years when inflation drops, but right now in the summer months it is grinding from shore until the fall when migratory fish show up...
  13. My reel is set to a loose drag so that the spool spins freely when they take the bait, I guess we have to find a new spot where they hold! I fished Rennie in the evening last time I went, I find that they shutoff around 2:00 pm and I won't last in the sun more then 2 hours in this heat! Will be good float fishing for salmon and trout in the fall around those rocks! The fish will be tight to shore away from the main current, plus lots of bait around...
  14. Fished today in the evening, no hits but made a nice rod holder:) I didn’t want to spend cash so decided to make one quick before I went....
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