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  1. All the best Gerritt! Have a speedy recovery.
  2. I would love to be in on this, I am finally back into fishing after a long hiatus!
  3. Hey guys anyone know how the ice is on martindale, looking to start pond hockey hopefully soonish....
  4. Welcome I will make sure to stop by sometime:)
  5. I will be applying... XD Sure beats where I am now....
  6. With the fishing that good.... Sorry folks I can't come in... I am "sick"
  7. Cheers best wishes to both of you and your families.
  8. People really make me laugh, the conservative groups such as PETA are absolutely hilarious! Its quite good when they say hunting is such a cruel form of "torture" but in all honesty most hunters will only go for a clean shot to get the one shot one kill. Meanwhile these "naysayers" go to there grocery stores buy chicken,beef,pork you name it. If I were a cow I would rather be shot then have a hole in my stomach in order for the food I can not actually digest be discarded as waste, Pork I would rather be shot then crushed by what is basically a car crusher.... for pigs. But alas people like to
  9. Very neat, I honestly believe half of it is population control and flaunting around dominance. Would be interesting to see how much casualties from each nuke there actually was.
  10. Very nice fish! And nice fly RIP Craiger's fly
  11. This is such crap, its honestly pathetic the humans that inhabit our planet!
  12. What were you using for bait, I really need to get out for some perch action soon.
  13. If you guys want a third I am in, I have only ice fished my parents cottage, But I do have my own auger,rod,tackle.
  14. I have a friend who moved from here to Ohio... He will let me live with him for a week or so as a vacation to visit him, I will definitely try to catch a couple or find a decent charter.
  15. And here I am wanting to catch a big blue! Good lord that thing is massive.
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