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  1. Only 61 but 12 years in the Canadian Military gives me a free pass.
  2. Before they close Queenston what can be done? Locals only? Weekends are a doo-doo show down there. Don't doo-doo on me as I am just asking.
  3. If they close them it will be done in the morning. Anyone have any information?
  4. Room for one, Lake Trout at the Bar in the morning....
  5. fishing out by the green can at the mouth a couple months ago I was talked to and asked to return to Canadian waters. Yes I had my NY State license.
  6. Fished the lower from 0800 to 1400 today. Streamers and roe = 4 smallmouth bass.
  7. Had the same boat in 2000 till 2008. I have also fished the river for 30 years. My best day on the lower was 13 landed and two 11 fish days. I have always put floats in my bags and I make my bags bigger than most people. I know its early but now that I have all the gear required. (wife not happy) the itch is bad. Like I said in my earlier post shore guys are welcome to come along when I am alone.
  8. Peter's Bait and Tackle...
  9. Steellee, When are you available to fish? Wednesdays are booked.
  10. How do my Bags look. Sorry a little high and a few beers in......
  11. Went for a drive to the lower twice this morning. 0830 maybe 12 trailers 1130 same but different trailers, 3 boats leaving. Going down Wednesday with low expectations. Noticed that some of the Charter guys don't even book till November. Any lower updates would be great... lots of shore guys
  12. Fished the Lower River yesterday afternoon for 4 hours. 1 other boat drifting the back drift and 1 fish caught by them. Lots of grass still. Couple weeks as water temp was 57....
  13. Fished the lower today with Darryl from Grimsby. Quick fish, yarn and nothing. Lots of grass. Bass for a couple more weeks. Creek should get going soon.
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