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  1. What's the word Open or Closed in the morning????
  2. Staff at the Cancer Centre were Awesome and go out of their way to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Thank You.
  3. St Catharines Hospital Cancer Centre. 20 hits of Radiation for prostate cancer and yup 6 bucks per visit parking...I got them, I bought 50 timbits for every visit to change the conversation in the Cancer waiting room. 10 bucks a visit. Best 200 bucks I have ever spent. Beachwood doughnuts for the staff on my last visit. 36 bucks. I am good with launch costs....
  4. Niagara is the only area that has provided free boat launching. They are already doing work at the Queenston ramp. Shore guys should be left alone or at least give them a cheaper parking option.
  5. Just got of the phone with the Parks people. Machines installed at all ramps as of today. 120.00 year pass good for all ramps and or 10.00 to launch/park each time.
  6. Only 61 but 12 years in the Canadian Military gives me a free pass.
  7. Before they close Queenston what can be done? Locals only? Weekends are a doo-doo show down there. Don't doo-doo on me as I am just asking.
  8. If they close them it will be done in the morning. Anyone have any information?
  9. Room for one, Lake Trout at the Bar in the morning....
  10. fishing out by the green can at the mouth a couple months ago I was talked to and asked to return to Canadian waters. Yes I had my NY State license.
  11. Fished the lower from 0800 to 1400 today. Streamers and roe = 4 smallmouth bass.
  12. Had the same boat in 2000 till 2008. I have also fished the river for 30 years. My best day on the lower was 13 landed and two 11 fish days. I have always put floats in my bags and I make my bags bigger than most people. I know its early but now that I have all the gear required. (wife not happy) the itch is bad. Like I said in my earlier post shore guys are welcome to come along when I am alone.
  13. Peter's Bait and Tackle...
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