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  1. Fished the Lower River yesterday afternoon for 4 hours. 1 other boat drifting the back drift and 1 fish caught by them. Lots of grass still. Couple weeks as water temp was 57....
  2. Fished the lower today with Darryl from Grimsby. Quick fish, yarn and nothing. Lots of grass. Bass for a couple more weeks. Creek should get going soon.
  3. Weather permitting 10ish at the ramp in Chippawa. Room for one, Frogging the back end. Sorry for last minute but when you drink beer that's what happens.
  4. radop211


    the Rainbow thing in the river is cool. If you want to try it out let me know.....
  5. radop211


    Wednesday's are Booked...
  6. radop211


    I got your ride for November and beyond....You got Roe?
  7. All Niagara fish except for the Muskie.....
  8. Hope I never have to find out. River is not that tough. Sunny day -3 no wind and that suit. Fishon..7.4 smallie
  9. radop211


    don't view, Reply. Let us know what you do, where you fish and if your catching...This is what a Fishing Message Board is all about. Done whining...Might Frog it in the morning...289 257 6656. Guy
  10. radop211


    Is this a Fishing Message Board...Post stuff please. Don't worry if its not cool cause if it has anything to do with fishing post it.... Come on Man...
  11. Thanks for your order Guy Order #2109998 Items Ascent Float Bib SKU: 15428 Color Charcoal/Black Size Large QTY: 1
  12. Has been 12 years since if fished the lower from a boat so I asked around and this was the suit that was suggested. I did do some research and a trip to Bass Pro (fucking joke) 229.99 us for both bib and parka with customs and shipping to my house 850.00 Canadian. Mask free purchase and the people on youtube say its a good suit. I will update when it arrives.... Frogging the creek on Friday. Room for one. 9am ish. Chippawa
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