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  1. I got one Pike in there, about 30'', not a bad one but I was after Largies!
  2. You shoulda seen the Spiders....😲
  3. This is more of a boat-duct, but it is off the Welland River...
  4. 6 weeks and the boat wasn't fixed, and they charged you???!!! Unbelievable. Why do people continue to go there? Their reputation is terrible.
  5. I have never heard a good thing about PCM. I have heard many, many, bad things. How they are still in business is a mystery to me.
  6. Another vote for Bay City Marine(Hamilton), I'm in St.Catharines and won't take my business anywhere else.
  7. Now back to boat ramps... Any updates? Particularly on the Upper Niagara???
  8. The fishing will get better, The company never will!
  9. Nice, time for a new camera?
  10. Anyone know how clear it is?
  11. As stated, nice Muskie. Note the pointed fins!
  12. Dax

    Winds On Erie

    I think asking this question means you should stay off the great Lakes!
  13. You were spooled by a Swan???
  14. I have a 16' Aluminum with a 90 HP and I fish Erie a fair bit. But only when she's friendly. If you've never owned a boat you won't know what you want, till you actually have one. Like Paul, I'd be happy to take you for a spin on the Upper Niagara, I'll be out there soon (i hope) regularly. Doug and Clarence at Bay City Marine in Hamilton are great guys to deal with.
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