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  1. The garbage over at the pumphouse side was ignorant last week. When I see that I'm okay with it being shutdown. I'll use my pass in the fall to make it worth my while.
  2. I rode my bike down there this time last year and that sign wasn't stopping people from going out there to take pictures.
  3. Smerch when did they stop duck hunting in there? I remember that as kid in the late 80s.
  4. Steve drove cabs for a minute. He picked me up years ago on my mail route. I told him I remember going there as a kid for bait.
  5. Crestliner, Prince craft and Lund are all owned by Brunswick marine. Not sure what the difference between them all is...probably not much.
  6. Americans stopped clipping ages ago. Not sure if Ontario did as well. When you see the stocking numbers there is no shortage of fish. But if baitfish decline like on huron and starting on Michigan then there's trouble.
  7. We launched friday afternoon and the shoreline was busy. Maybe warnings were issued.
  8. Our group canceled on nippissing but the operator is still going on with business as usual. Our spot will be filled quick.
  9. That usa border boat patrols all the time so if it's true I wouldn't mess with them
  10. Reports I have read say out to 250-300 fow for steelhead and young kings.
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