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  1. That usa border boat patrols all the time so if it's true I wouldn't mess with them
  2. Reports I have read say out to 250-300 fow for steelhead and young kings.
  3. 15 this year but they'll crank the price in the future.
  4. Do NOT use DeWilt. My buddy is going on 6 months and still no repair.
  5. My bad, wasnt me personally. Just sharing so everyone is aware. the comments about how the police handled the situation go on for days...
  6. Keep your wits about you. People with cerb $ are doing some crazy things. https://www.spoonpullers.com/forums/index.php/topic,38169.0.html
  7. Watched some kids throw all their fast food garbage out of their car window at port weller trail.
  8. Niagara bar usually this time of the year. You should see the pack of boats if you head that way
  9. Love that launch. Seen 2 boats fall off trailers last year.
  10. Yesterday (sunday) there was 4 boats on the river. Pretty quiet. Port dalhousie has been shut down by order of city of st catharines. See game and fish website.
  11. Queenston and scg&f launches still open for time being. Crystal was open yesterday.
  12. They essentially steal the intellectual property of companies that manufacture over there. Copy the designs of products and sell it back cheaper $.
  13. I've had to order parts from shimano before. Good service. On their website they have breakdown of all the parts and $ in case you need to go that route.
  14. The locals are beyond fed up with the smelt run madness
  15. You'll want bigger guides. Go 8 ft or more. Plus if you are running boards the higher up they are the better
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