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  1. I didn't think they would actually enforce it.
  2. You can put little pieces of rubber tubing over the teeth on the clip. That's what we use for our fixed cheaters on downriggers
  3. Bass are pretty easy to catch at queenston
  4. If you want to film, older go pros are pretty cheap on kijiji and still have excellent quality
  5. Got this one off port dalhousie in 2015
  6. Maybe you were the guy last summer who threatened to beat the person on the jetski doing donuts as boats were going in and out.
  7. There should be a reality show on the palm wood boat launch. No shortage of comedy gold on a good day.
  8. Probably more lakers than browns.
  9. The garbage over at the pumphouse side was ignorant last week. When I see that I'm okay with it being shutdown. I'll use my pass in the fall to make it worth my while.
  10. I rode my bike down there this time last year and that sign wasn't stopping people from going out there to take pictures.
  11. Smerch when did they stop duck hunting in there? I remember that as kid in the late 80s.
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