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  1. I know I'm early for Bass but I'd like to hit lake Erie for some but not sure ware to go. I'm going to my trailer this weekend for Bass opener up their and when I get home it will be opener down here.
  2. hey kris outdoors oriented sell yakattack stuff
  3. well I might be out by Jordan
  4. any body going out kayak fish'n before 2014 ends
  5. There is a spot that made for us to put in at with a dock. I was their Friday and went up past the QEW not much luck up their for me
  6. hey Jamie welcome aboard Steve
  7. I'm also from st. kitts and would like to get a yak fish'n buddy pm me
  8. Well I have a wilderness systeme tarpom 120 one of the best yaks on the marked .Got mine at Outdoors Oriented got their and talk to Jamie he will help you out oh and tell him Steve sent you. they have them in stock but if your looking for a cheap yak CTC is the place but if you want a good one Outdoors is the place.
  9. check out kayakfishingsupplies.com they got all you need for you yak fishing needs. I get most of my stuff their.
  10. Well I got mine from Outdoors Oriented and they are really helpful their. You ask for kayak store in Niagara right? Gander Mountain is in the U.S. is it not?
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