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  1. Cops maybe won't stop you arbitrarily, but may set up road blocks to check vehicles. Anyway - to answer the original question - yes, you can still go fishing - per the Ontario Government Parks website. They will be shutting down boat ramps though. It isn't about a virus - it never was. It's about control.
  2. My friend shot his first deer yesterday. A massive beauty. It's skinned and hanging in his garage. Anyone have a name and number for a butcher in or around Fonthill? Thanks.
  3. I haven't been by this forum for a while, maybe once since the last election. Turdhole said he would sign Canada up for the UN small arms treaty, jack up the spending and deficits and flood Canada with invaders. Said it all with a smile, and he won the election. No one should be surprised. Turdhole works for George Soros, and if you don't know who that is, then you have your head up your arse.
  4. One thing was made absolutely clear during the last year - the media is absolutely biased. Glad Trump won, but cautiously optimistic - 90% of Congress - both Rep and Dem all work for the same side, so Trump will have an uphill battle every single day trying to get things done. Time will tell. And yes - Trade Trudeau for Trump. I hear Kevin O'Leary might be running for leader of the Conservative Party. That would be great, but the media will crucify him. Can't wait for Carbon Taxes next year - hate to say I told you so but......
  5. I know most here are responsible hunters who properly acquired hunting permission months if not years ago to hunt the fields they will be using during deer season. However there may be the odd "newbie" or lurker who just goes out wherever he wants . The old saying "if you don't own it, it's not yours" applies. Please be respectful of property owners whether the land is posted or not. Just because you may not see a sign doesn't mean it's public land. Be safe and good hunting.
  6. Property taxes will be raised accordingly. Gotta love the mindset of our "representatives" who have zero imagination when it comes to funding projects like this.
  7. To quote Groucho Marx. "There's my argument, restrict immigration." And I won't even follow that up with a comment about the current fed govt.
  8. Frontier Gun in Fonthill. He's only open Thurs-Saturday but he's the best.
  9. That's an Asian Carp - the ones that fly out of the water when a boat goes by. That sucks that they are here.
  10. Friends of girl, 18, with leukemia sign her casket with loving messages in a final goodbye after she died waiting for a hospital bed during a shortage in Canada Laura Hillier, 18, died after waiting for a bone marrow transplant during a hospital bed shortage in Canada, despite having willing donors available An Ontario hospital said it could only do five transplants a month and there were about 30 people who were waiting to have the procedure done At her funeral, friends and family signed her casket with loving messages The Hillier family is now fighting in Laura's memory to end 'deadly' wait
  11. keep an eye out on Kijiji - sometimes you can find an oldtimer retiring and selling off his lot.
  12. I have a compound, but when hunting a ground blind it's less movement with a crossbow. I enjoy my compound but usually take my crossbow out.
  13. Seems to be peak of rut now. My son saw 2 big bucks out in the open field in the middle of the day today. Heading out tomorrow again. Good luck to those heading out.
  14. well opening day shotgun was a bust. Very quiet out there and only heard 2 shots all day. Didn't help that someone in the woods next to me was out shooting on Saturday. Oh well, I'll try again on Friday.
  15. Nice buck there - jealous. I've seen quite a few but nothing yet. Heading back out tonight and then Monday for gun opener. Good luck to you all.
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