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  1. What baitrunner did you get Smerch? I am in the market for a new one as the little plastic gears in mine got pooched because of the poor quality they are made now. Line capacity?
  2. It appears the one guy has blueprints or a floor layout on his phone ... so I would wager someone might have left the right door unlocked for them to get going.
  3. And probably some decent jail time as this isn't a simple trespassing in a random building, combined with the fact they broke Transport Canada regulations around drone use around Niagara Falls
  4. Drone and video footage from Casino and Hilton Rooftops Well I shall start by saying watch it while you can, doo-doo is going to hit the fan over the video, mostly because of the casino footage. Also not my video.
  5. And they would become puppets too if they ever secured enough seats to be a viable option.
  6. While I agree with the sentiments, the East Coast, Quebec, and the GTA will ensure he gets back in because of how they swoon over selfie-boy and when it comes to the GTA, hate Doug Ford. Canada is a cesspool when it comes to politics and how divided they are making people. Pretty-boy will woo people with his bland statements that will cause a large percentage of the population to go HE GETS ME, HE UNDERSTANDS MY NEEDS. For the most part we have two major parties, one minor party, two above fringe parties, and a zillion fringe parties. It is a darn shame we allow politicians to dance around questions at election time with their answers that have no substance. Hell year round this is a problem. And just wait ... as we get closer to the day to vote, watch how much patting on the back JT will do for how he handled navigated Canada through the pandemic. That will play a bigger role in the election and it will continue to divide life long friendships with how extreme views from both sides are being normalized. For the sake of Canada I hope JT does not get elected, and if he does ... I might have to hang some flags upside down, with a minority there is still a voice but if he gets a majority, our flag will start to look a little more like China's with a lot less white on it.
  7. Just curious if anyone wants to share some spots, I am not looking for any secret spots, but something beyond the Sugarloaf area where it is too weedy. Also can you kayak in the quarries and what species are in there? The ones off of Quarry Road. Thanks in advance,
  8. That is the business model technology is going towards unfortunately Smerch. Smart phones no longer come with the wall plug blocks, other items have no cables ... I do have a box of cables I will never use, but will never toss em as a JUST IN CASE moment.
  9. Well it was a long time coming and way too many hours spent but landed two pike today ... the second one came in at 32". Both hit the same Snags created lure ... fished a total of about 10 minutes so I will take the two fish. No pics to be shared, not about to give the spot away since many of you drive by it daily and rarely is anyone fishing it.
  10. And Canadian Tire stores are almost always community owned and not a corporately owned store
  11. Why should a business care about their reputation when people will tweet them how wronged they were day in and day out. We are in an age where people want the instant gratification of being comforted by strangers on social media when they post their sob stories about how they were wronged, regardless of the true story, the business gets abused, if it gets elevated to a corporate level they need to respond to the office as well. I saw enough of that prior to the explosion of social media, now it is 100 times worse. Large companies have people employed to review social media and hashtags to ensure they are not trending, or if they do trend, they can reply to the concern ASAP. Majority of your businesses are not as successful as people would think, especially when it is a franchised operation. Sure you have a name to rely on but there are a ton of expenses you shell out and you can wind up in the hole annually if you are not cautious with how razor thin your profit margins can be. Chances are the owners are working a regular shift and paying themselves by the hour along with a dividend at years end after their accountant has reviewed everything and calculated what the business can pay them. The government never cared outside of election time. We also don't need more bureaucratic policies to make things more challenging for all. If the government was to care about us, they would start with the CRTC and what the telecom industry has been allowed to do (pricing, packages, monopolies, etc) and not because you want a rain check to save $30 on a screw driver set.
  12. Bass Pro has similar nets, they look decent, but after playing with it for a while in the store I am not convinced those are able to handle anything more than small fish, might be able to get away with a slightly larger than average bass, but forget anything bigger.
  13. I have looked into some of the collapsible nets and none of them impress me, you will want something you can extend, but the nets where the frames fold down will no a decent fish no justice and probably be more of a hassle. Very few spots in Port D where you can climb in. So just make sure you have boots that can deal with some rain/slush/mud.
  14. Did the MNR ever announce where they thought the Gibson carp came from? Or they did their thing, found 10 or so ... and that is it?
  15. I am a believer that there is an issue with that watershed and the fishing. The 12 is fed from Lake Gibson which is fed from the canal (Lake Erie) and this eventually winds up in Martindale Pond. @knightfisher might agree with myself, but the past few years the quantity of fish has drastically dropped in the Gibson through Martindale stretch. I used to have double digit days on bass and pike and I am down to very few days where I even see a fish or have a hit. If you look closely as well, the waters are much muddier and there is a lack of zebra mussels as well. The last time I saw more than a few feet of visibility was when there was still some ice around the shoreline. I am a believer something was put into the waters and it has altered them significantly. Farm runoff? Maybe. Something to kill the zebra mussels? Maybe. Something to kill the Asian carp? Maybe. Or the Asian carp have completely taken over and destroyed the spawning habitat for bass and pike.
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