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  1. Absolutely nothing makes sense. Hotels were packed during the holidays. You can stand in line at any of the large stores where you can enter and shop, but you can't enter home depot. I need a new light fixture, but I physically want to see what I am going to buy and not a few pictures of it online. I would call that a necessity because I don't feel like installing a spot light for the yard in my bathroom, but it isn't. Wal-mart is open ... where I can buy an assortment of items from toys, to food, to furniture ... but I can't go into a store and look for a small end table/shelf
  2. The only people who are going to be harassed are those who have neighbours who can't mind their own $&*#ing business. I am expecting the NRP or the local public health to show up at my door at some point because of my activities (a legitimate job that still gives me hours, not some at home facebook third party marketing sales scam) and the fact I see people peeping out their windows watching the street. You want to have a big shindig ... you deserve the fine, but you want to have someone come over for a beer, the neighbours need to suck it up. The government is doing an excep
  3. There are a ton of second hand phone places in the region, google up cellphone repairs, most of those shops sell one. Careful with Best Buy (and Walmart) as their websites allow third parties to sell phones as well and I have read some horror stories about anything being purchased from the third parties through them.
  4. While it is an emergency order, there is nothing they can do to stop you and the NRP and OPP said they won't be pulling people over asking for their papers, I know our PM would prefer that to happen, but they won't unless they have a reason to pull you over.
  5. I recall something out of the Niagara River (US side) where most fish checked over had antidepressants in their system.
  6. Well if that is the case they did their job way too well, there is a lack of zebra mussels in many of the areas I fish to the point where water is no longer as clear as it has been five years ago.
  7. Personally I would not use the app since gobies are throughout the waters in Niagara, basically if the water comes from Lake Ontario or Lake Erie ... there are gobies. If I was fishing a pond that is not linked to either water body, that becomes a different story, I would probably sooner call it in than use an app. I tend to have a lack of trust in our governments regardless of the intentions they claim. Unfortunately the round goby does look very similar to a sculpin which is native and very similar to someone who might have never see either. http://www.feenstraguide
  8. I think the body was below the falls based on some things I read. If you know your way around that area, you can still get to the falls coming in from the various paths that exist that start nowhere near the mill. Pretty sure they fenced off the simple access areas only.
  9. I am also stocked up on that front ... thinking about 7 bucks a roll is fair ...
  10. I have stocked up pretty good ... so if anyone is looking to buy some ... we can chat as I will sell, however expect there to be a stocking fee, delivery fee (to my place), time fee, and a mark-up .... so I figure about $5 bucks a roll.
  11. As someone who usually takes the drive to Grimsby for it, the newer stores are definitely worth it since they are a little larger, aisles are bigger and such. While the St Kitts one is an easy drive for me, I hate navigating the Fairview Mall area since I am always letting someone know how good they drive between runnings stop signs and red lights. The gas bar does not hurt either, I generally won't go out of my way to find cheaper gas, however that is an added benefit now.
  12. Anyone have a taxidermied raccoon? Anyone no longer need such a stupid thing? Or know where one could be found for cheap?
  13. I would wager two lockdowns unless it lasts for a while ... prior to Halloween to ensure no one shall enjoy themselves and then again at Christmas to maximize stress and pushing the population to the brink of the falls.
  14. Pay the annual, no need for a petition. I bought an annual for one lot I use a few times a year, and the annual runs for 365 days from the date of purchase not till the end of year. The ticket rate should be around $15 to $20 unless the rates have been upped since the last time I picked up one 15 years ago. This isn't about not making money out of COVID, it is about it happening sooner or later as Toronto continues to encroach to all areas of Southern Ontario. Look at the hotels in Niagara Falls ... parking used to be around $5 to $10 a night about 20 years ago, it no
  15. Snags

    WTR ??

    Did you grow any superhots as well?
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