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  1. The value of the fine has no meaning Smerch. You need enforcement and the fines to be handed out. It could be a million dollar fine for every cigarette butt tossed, however the lack of enforcement, people still would.
  2. On a technicality the only thing that can be looked at on your ID is picture/name and birthday, so that would mean nothing if someone knew their rights.
  3. I was eyeing up a Penn
  4. Anyone have any opinions or recommendations? I am pairing it with a Daiwa 12 foot Maddragon rod. Historically the rod has been strictly carp, but depending on how much vacation time I have to take over the next two months, I might also use it on cats and I might take a crack at some chubs under a float looking for pike.
  5. Snags


    I didn't see any yesterday when I was out checking on some areas I like to trout watch ... no trout either. Interested to see if I find another pike in a small creek this year looking for suckers.
  6. There are certain areas they can't drop anchor in the canal due to cables or gas lines running under it.
  7. I think there is a hint at something Knightfisher
  8. Realistically the issue is the cars taking space and using the parking lot they maintain. Yes it is a dirt/gravel area, but at the end of the day you access that by driving through their lot.
  9. Taking access away is an easy way to prevent lawsuits. Regardless of the signage USE AT OWN RISK, a good lawyer will try. Canada is not like the US in the compensation side of lawsuits, however the easy way to stop them is to shut them down. See how many waters that hydro uses and they have shut people away from, while it is for your own safety, it is also cause they don't want to deal with a lawsuit regardless of how stupid you may be.
  10. Yet there is very little evidence of transmission from the GTA people invading Niagara. Hell there is very little evidence of transmission on an airplane where we get packed together. Niagara will be a mess until we get over it, or until everyone wakes up and realizes that we need one government for Niagara and not a combination of regional and municipal, none of the mayors had much of an opinion on anything and really pushed it to be a regional government issue, well outside of Niagara Falls who wants every tourist penny possible.
  11. It isn't a secret, but for things like the smelt run, if you posted a post about a successful haul it would be packed the next night.
  12. Three rods for carp irrationally angers me ... why can't I use one rod for carp and one for bass/pike ... why can't I use multiple rods for cats ... or sunfish ...
  13. A lot of that will also depend on the "inspector" and how much they buy the yarn you are going to spin. Some will educate you on the expectations, some will issue a fine.
  14. Freeze it and use it for cat bait in the spring ...
  15. Also re: Ice Fishing Martindale ... bring a spud with you, it is needed. If you are unsure of where the current movements are, best to not fish it at the current time. There are a lot of areas that will develop a skim of ice on the surface, but with how the current moves there will be nothing but a skim of ice (unless we get some -20 nights), but even at that those areas will be very hit and miss. You may look out and go HEY SOMEONE IS OUT THERE IT MUST BE SAFE, but some of the locals know the waters very well and know where to access to reach some of the more desirable ice spots (might no
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