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  1. Was at Princess Auto on Fourth Ave (St. Kitts). They had a good stack of em for $200, four person hut ... for those who aren't as motivated as Smerch to build their own. Hut they are selling Not sure on quality or ease of setup ... but I would imagine with the various shipping delays around the globe not everywhere will have some for sale.
  2. The question that needs to be asked around gas prices is HOW ... but the government doesn't care about the end user. If a gas station receives no shipments of gas on Tuesday, how can they change the price on Tuesday, let alone maybe multiple times since some stations have higher prices at certain times of the day and lower at others. You want to say SUPPLY AND DEMAND, well then when their new shipment comes in the supply should be well above the demand and the price should be lower than when the tanks are approaching refill time. How is it that gas is it possible that we can see up to a $0.20 difference between Stoney Creek to St. Catharines to Niagara Falls and to Welland? As a specific example, how is it that Costco Niagara Falls is $1.329 but Costco Stoney Creek is $1.369, this is a business that knows their bottom line on every item they sell and there is no funny business like the other stations have where they gang up on certain stations, like when Ontario Street has significantly cheaper gas in an attempt to attack two gas stations that were franchised operations ( and independant) as opposed to corporate.
  3. Gas prices are a scam that the government refuses to care about. Too much taxes involved for them to care.
  4. Give it time, part of the Niagara Regions plan to make the roads safer includes red light cameras and speed cameras which will turn the driving into even worse conditions since cameras only allow for a YES/NO and not based on conditions/safety.
  5. The end of the day, the issue is everyone needing some social media validation, so they seek out taking great selfies with no knowledge of the area. Look at last year when the trails around Morningstar Mill were shutdown, all because of stupidity and not thinking. But we have been trained to stop thinking with how everything needs a sign, or terms and conditions and such.
  6. Well the fish are starting to get on the feed ... saw more pike caught today than I saw all year til this point. Got my hands on some chubs and turned them into two pike (one around 15 inches ad one around 27 inches and one very hungry perch (the chub was about 3/4 the length of the perch).
  7. A pike for you all to see. Someone who lurks but isn't a member sent this to be to be posted
  8. For many it isn't about the dangers, but the perfect shot to share on social media. They are willing to risk their lives to get a photo that will give them 15 seconds of internet fame and money.
  9. Buckle up it is only going to get worse as life continues to get stupid with costs.
  10. I am surprised Dad didn't tell you where to go in this day and age where people love to over react think they know better than everyone else regardless of the situation.
  11. Almost any creek, named or not will see a run of salmon and trout, but it comes down to timing. The quantity will also be a big question mark, as well as your eyes. I have walked a few and in a one km stretch of one that is no more than a foot wide and and six inches deep in spots, I counted a dozen rainbows, one spring I counted a ton of suckers as well, however if you didn't have polarized glasses on, you saw f-ck all. I have seen a few browns, and a few salmon as well. There is one spot that trout will hold in around the Lake O shoreline that I know for a period in late April ... it might be an area where an old creek existed and is now not visible ... but one good wind to change up the lake conditions and they are gone, one year I saw them for about a week.
  12. Usually mid-October the run dies down in Niagara (can't speak for the Niagara River), but as someone who spends lots of time just watching them, the numbers of visible fish in the shallows starts to decline rapidly. Went to check out on spot yesterday and it would have been easy to count the fish compared to if you were there two or three weeks back.
  13. Just remember many businesses do not have a choice since the fines will be significant. I know a local restaurant owner and the mentality some people have with this whole thing is insane. He is getting calls daily asking CAN WE COME IN IF WE HAVE ONE PERSON IN OUR PARTY WHO IS NOT VACCINATED and when he follows that up with a "no" it is a tirade about how they will never support him or his family again. The provincial government has set some rules and businesses that are impacted have two choices. Follow them or don't and if they choose to not follow them they can get some significant fines. So all I will say is if you are angry at a business for following the rules (of which Public Health, By-Law, and police forces have the power to enforce and issue the fine) they are only trying to prolong their careers as not many small operations can afford a significant fine. If you have an issue with a business that is following the rules that have been mandated on them, take it up with your local public health office. Now if the business is imposing their own rules (such as a grocery store saying NO to those who have not been fully vaccinated), then take on the management, don't take it out on the kids. The funniest thing about all of this ... back in March 2020 when doo-doo hit the fan, I was flying every week (and still am), flights were cancelled left right and center, people were crammed into planes as the airlines wanted to minimize any loss, then the government mandated social distancing so planes were using every other seat for the most part ... then the airlines complained and the government didn't give them the cash to make social distancing financially viable so the government said FREE FOR ALL around July or August last year, and since then it has been back to normal on the planes for the most part (outside of service). I have been flying through this whole thing and now because of our shady liberal overlords I am part way through the two step vaccination approach because if I can't fly, I can't work, and our overlords have not provided direction on what the OR option is ... rapid testing at the airport? Sign me up, I would take that over a needle every day of the week. PCR testing, the old brain prick and needing results before you fly, fine I will take the needle as that won't be possible before all the flights. When no one was vaccinated it was never a question of flying, when we were at 50% vaccination rate it was never a question of flying, but now with Canada at 70%+ of Canadians fully vaccinated it is dangerous for me to be on a domestic flight and I am a viral terrorist to all unless I get fully vaccinated. What also burns me up on this, I don't have the option for the J&J shot because our Federal overlords have said "there is no demand for it so we will donate it all to those in need" ... had we had that option available I would have gotten the shot months ago.
  14. The MNR knows there are eels in Port D, they had someone trapping eels and relocating them during most of the work on the piers since they liked to hide in the open crevices where they were crumbling.
  15. What baitrunner did you get Smerch? I am in the market for a new one as the little plastic gears in mine got pooched because of the poor quality they are made now. Line capacity?
  16. It appears the one guy has blueprints or a floor layout on his phone ... so I would wager someone might have left the right door unlocked for them to get going.
  17. And probably some decent jail time as this isn't a simple trespassing in a random building, combined with the fact they broke Transport Canada regulations around drone use around Niagara Falls
  18. Drone and video footage from Casino and Hilton Rooftops Well I shall start by saying watch it while you can, doo-doo is going to hit the fan over the video, mostly because of the casino footage. Also not my video.
  19. And they would become puppets too if they ever secured enough seats to be a viable option.
  20. While I agree with the sentiments, the East Coast, Quebec, and the GTA will ensure he gets back in because of how they swoon over selfie-boy and when it comes to the GTA, hate Doug Ford. Canada is a cesspool when it comes to politics and how divided they are making people. Pretty-boy will woo people with his bland statements that will cause a large percentage of the population to go HE GETS ME, HE UNDERSTANDS MY NEEDS. For the most part we have two major parties, one minor party, two above fringe parties, and a zillion fringe parties. It is a darn shame we allow politicians to dance around questions at election time with their answers that have no substance. Hell year round this is a problem. And just wait ... as we get closer to the day to vote, watch how much patting on the back JT will do for how he handled navigated Canada through the pandemic. That will play a bigger role in the election and it will continue to divide life long friendships with how extreme views from both sides are being normalized. For the sake of Canada I hope JT does not get elected, and if he does ... I might have to hang some flags upside down, with a minority there is still a voice but if he gets a majority, our flag will start to look a little more like China's with a lot less white on it.
  21. Just curious if anyone wants to share some spots, I am not looking for any secret spots, but something beyond the Sugarloaf area where it is too weedy. Also can you kayak in the quarries and what species are in there? The ones off of Quarry Road. Thanks in advance,
  22. That is the business model technology is going towards unfortunately Smerch. Smart phones no longer come with the wall plug blocks, other items have no cables ... I do have a box of cables I will never use, but will never toss em as a JUST IN CASE moment.
  23. Well it was a long time coming and way too many hours spent but landed two pike today ... the second one came in at 32". Both hit the same Snags created lure ... fished a total of about 10 minutes so I will take the two fish. No pics to be shared, not about to give the spot away since many of you drive by it daily and rarely is anyone fishing it.
  24. And Canadian Tire stores are almost always community owned and not a corporately owned store
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