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  1. Does anyone use the Shimano DC Curado? Im thinking of getting one for the larger rivers to float fish with. Just wanted an opinon or any others you prefer over this one?
  2. DaveC

    The 12

    Good Karma coming your way smerch. Sadly the reality of a careless society.
  3. DaveC


    Went to a few places on the upper, water was pretty dirty close to peace bridge. Moved further down the river, and water had perfect colour, but no takers. Talked to few guys, said itsa been slow
  4. DaveC


    Thanks Cliff, going to check it out in the morning. Stop by, if you see me there. Ill bring my spinning rod as well just in case.
  5. DaveC


    Are you float fishing the upper? What kind setup you using? Never fished up there before is there a certain place to park? Thanks!
  6. DaveC


    True, i usually go in Nov was just curious of anything up early. Might be better on the upper.
  7. DaveC


    Id pay $20 for a piggy back ride up.. Hahaha.
  8. DaveC


    Used to love fishing down there. My only chance now is if they install an escaltor lol.
  9. DaveC


    Lets goooooooooo!!!!
  10. DaveC


    Anyone shore fishing Queenston yet? Just wondering if any action. Not too worried about how busy it gets, I know that. Id bee fishing it during the week anyway. I have to deal with Park n fish pretty much now because my knees are shot. Anyone want to meet up during the week let me know. Cheers!
  11. Best is to follow the same road apps mill is on right to the end, and make a left towards the river. Youlll see the bridge. Just park up from the bridge. Lots of water there. I caught a 16" brown in there and lots of small ones. Went back this past season and fishing was dead. One small 5" brown and that was it. The water up that way is perfect with lots of nice pools, just no fish.
  12. I suggest you go with someone that knows the pool. It can be dangerous if your not aware of the hazards. Also, prepare for a fun hike back up..LOL.
  13. No we were at Air-Dale Lodge, just east of Wawa.
  14. Nice Bruce, looks like a good time. Pontoons are great way to go. We are heading up to the Sault, and Wawa for a getaway this coming weekend. Hopefully we can get some brookies, and at least check out the St Marys if I can make the walk or even wade with my wonky knees. Hoping to find some fish regardless, and make an adventure out of it.
  15. Take a look on Amazon as well if you have not already bought the Cisco. I googled school bus wiper motor and amazon lists quite a few. Not sure about the pound ratings, but something for you to look at anyway.
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