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  1. Biggest federal scam ever!! You do a pcr test at home, go to US and use that same test results to come home? Duh...i guess once your tested negative here that theres no way you could be infected over there. This Gov is the most incompetant ever!! 99% the Gov is collecting kickbacks off these pcr tests, hence encouraging you to get tested at home before you go. Insane!
  2. https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/niagara-county/teen-still-missing-after-slipping-on-rocks-falling-into-niagara-river-teen-water-rescue-hel-find-water-river-lake/71-e31cd280-44f2-4df4-9b47-f5a387a19ded Cant stress the dangers enough down there if you are unfamiliar go with someone who knows. Can be fatal place.
  3. Went down just in town, never even gave a cast. Was choc milk, and just walking the bank I was sweating...so humid.
  4. In the Elora conservation area if its open. Follow gorge fenceline down to water and fish upstream. Some deeper holes in there that hold fish.
  5. Upper grand has been fishing terrible. So pressured, low and too warm. Both my outtings been fishless. Thats not normal, not even a dink. Talk to Rob at grand river outfitters, hes always willing to share a few tips on whats working. I would not be fishing it in these temps though.
  6. With all public gatherings, I dont care if its a concert, a parade, a park celebration there is a cost of clean up. Yes, people are pigs no doubt about it. But if its a public place its owned by the city and they share a role in keeping it clean as well. Be it by hiring summer students, or regular emptying of the trash containers. Covid is the excuse most often used by these city workers as a way out. Yes, people need to stop trashing the place...but unless there is a budget set aside in the cleanup of these areas and its not just fishing areas, then close it to public access. Residents have a right to complain, I do not blame them. Closing everythng down works great for the city...less work for them to do. Sad, but reality.
  7. Id go north, between Sault Ste Marie, and Wawa. Lots of action up that way, with numerous streams all over the place.
  8. Could be dyed polar bear, Icelandic sheep hair, or craft fur. You can use it for tying bigger streamer patterns for Pike/ Musky flies
  9. Now thats where the terminology of being "spoon" fed comes from. haha
  10. Yeah there is, salmon circus brings out some strange ones. Id say the Ganaraska will be next pay to fish, with excuses to follow. Ontario puts zero into the resource. Wants you to police the rivers, do the cleanups, and maintain the resource. Unethical activity is the new normal without COs to enforce. More and more piers getting closed because municpalities dont want to have to clean them. Our fishing license is dumped into the general fund and squat put into the resource. Thats why I choose to spend my money in the US, vs here. Sounds crazy to say that...but its true. They keep taking spots away and closing access, and finding ways to profit is next.
  11. Dont be surprised. Already happens on sections of the notty in Essa TWP.
  12. I love my Peak Rotary.
  13. DaveC

    late report

    that absolutely worked, and kept spoons nice and shiny too...lol.
  14. DaveC

    Ft. Erie?

    Yes, some of those guys we talked to were targeting walleye. The odd steelhead in early morning. They were using minnows on spreaders what we saw.
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