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  1. Id go north, between Sault Ste Marie, and Wawa. Lots of action up that way, with numerous streams all over the place.
  2. Could be dyed polar bear, Icelandic sheep hair, or craft fur. You can use it for tying bigger streamer patterns for Pike/ Musky flies
  3. Now thats where the terminology of being "spoon" fed comes from. haha
  4. Yeah there is, salmon circus brings out some strange ones. Id say the Ganaraska will be next pay to fish, with excuses to follow. Ontario puts zero into the resource. Wants you to police the rivers, do the cleanups, and maintain the resource. Unethical activity is the new normal without COs to enforce. More and more piers getting closed because municpalities dont want to have to clean them. Our fishing license is dumped into the general fund and squat put into the resource. Thats why I choose to spend my money in the US, vs here. Sounds crazy to say that...but its true. They keep taking spots
  5. Dont be surprised. Already happens on sections of the notty in Essa TWP.
  6. I love my Peak Rotary.
  7. DaveC

    late report

    that absolutely worked, and kept spoons nice and shiny too...lol.
  8. DaveC

    Ft. Erie?

    Yes, some of those guys we talked to were targeting walleye. The odd steelhead in early morning. They were using minnows on spreaders what we saw.
  9. I have a 10'6 Browning six rivers Im going to try it on. I will just put some weights on it and take it over to the school yard to try to cast it. Hopefully the rod I want to use wil work. The DC curado controls backlash I think so dont know if thumb is required to stop the reel.
  10. yes, the guy had it listed for $300 then dropped it to $250. I offered him $225 and he said no way...lol. So I said ok $240 if you deliver it..haha. So then I bailed. He messaged me back $225 if I come get it. So yes, great deal. Used but like brand new with box and paperwork. I just have to figure out hot to use it properly. Is there any specifics for using it with biggger floats and weight? I will read the book on it first. Its lined with 10lb invisx right now. Is that line ok? I run 8lb leads most steelhheading or lighter.
  11. I found one. Picking it up tommorow. $225. Tyler, i want one for the bigger waters like Niagara, and Saugeen. Dont like bombing the float reel my shoulder gets sore tossing long casts on those rivers. Thinking i can use it for hardware casting as well. Someone was showing me his...i was impressed how its no problem to float fish with as well. Winter use would be great as well. Just something i want to add to arsenal. Thinking of unloading a bunch of fly equipment and materials. Just going to keep a basic single hand 5wt get rid of the rest.
  12. Does anyone use the Shimano DC Curado? Im thinking of getting one for the larger rivers to float fish with. Just wanted an opinon or any others you prefer over this one?
  13. DaveC

    The 12

    Good Karma coming your way smerch. Sadly the reality of a careless society.
  14. DaveC


    Went to a few places on the upper, water was pretty dirty close to peace bridge. Moved further down the river, and water had perfect colour, but no takers. Talked to few guys, said itsa been slow
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