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  1. 🤐 we never stopped duck hunting in there. just set back allowances from the rocks. get some strange looks at the beach when i paddle my brushed up kayak onto the beach with the kayak loaded down with a few dozen decoys tho.
  2. yea i sent your neighbor This picture, and yes gunner did do this mount for me, turned out very nice. first gadwall i ever shot, got him and his lady that morning.
  3. a few pics from my morning walk down the niagara parkway this morning. managed to find a field loaded with snow geese as well on my way home. Lots of goldeneye on the river right now.
  4. any sort of streamer pattern has worked well for me in the gorge. Fly fishing down there is not the easiest thing even for an experienced fly fisherman. its not too bad if you have a 2 handed spey rod though. but most of the lower requires heavy sinking lines and sink tips to get the required depth the fish are. i usually only bring the spey rod down to the river to keep people from setting up too close to me at the pool. good luck down there.
  5. i use gamin's new livescope technology. can't be beat hands down. i have the 93sv with the lvs32 transducer. once you use it, everything else seems like caveman technology
  6. decided to venture out this morning and try a new spot i scouted the day before. It payed off quite well. Started out the morning with a pair of Woodies. 3 of them dropped perfectly into the hole in the centre of the decoy spread. 2 shots 2 birds. had a ton of geese flying all morning, but they were quite content on feeding on the nearby fields. I did luck out and was able to entice a small group of 4 birds to come into my decoys, i was able to drop the lead bird. I was very impressed with the full choke and #2 shot i was using, as i dropped the honker with no follow up shot needed. padd
  7. "The felon does not fear the POLICE, and he fears neither Judge nor Jury. Therefore, what he must be taught is to fear HIS VICTIM. - Lt. Col Jeff Cooper.
  8. iv'e been trying to get your neighbour (Joe) out for some bird action this year, when we finally get out, i'll make sure he shares some with ya Smerch.
  9. first season going out for waterfowl, just wondering how everyone else is doing, don't know if its been a slow start for everyone or what to expect for numbers. had a nice mixed bag so far this year. couple mallards, a few wood ducks, some geese and a pair of mergansers.
  10. Happy Canada Day! i spent my morning in the gorge. beauty day for a hike, no fishing pole for me today, but did manage to snap a bunch of pics.
  11. less then a foot vis this morning.
  12. there is good fishing all along the upper river Dave. I float roe bags with a centre pin setup all around there. it can be very productive fishing if you know where to go. i used to work at the peace bridge (pictured behind me) and i would regularly catch 3-4 fish in under 45 mins before work most days i went out. i find it most productive at first light. you can wade certain areas quite easily or fish from the break wall for those long hero drifts. if you fish from the wall, bring a very long handled net.
  13. bag of dog food, chum the water, it should all float, wait till the carp come in and are actively feeding. Tie a few "egg patterns" in brown to mimic dog food, once they are actively feeding, toss your "dog food fly" into the mix, fish on, hold on.
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