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  1. I had the Terrova, now Mororguide XI5. XI5 much quieter, quicker and a WAY tighter spot lock. Made sense because I run HDS.
  2. No ice in lake or river
  3. Dab of KY has always worked for me, use KY warming from Nov to May. Use it on all my Stradics, smoooooooooth.
  4. Rocky bottom prop shop in buffalo for stainless....130 to repair instead of 500 to replace
  5. Was out today for 3 hours, steady pick deep. 35-45... Liked drop shot today.
  6. Learn some new curse words... Use with reckless abandon! Especially if drifting tubes.
  7. kwikfish


    Still quite a few on nests. Lake O too.
  8. Got 30 yesterday, didn't get first one till noon. Once I found them it was non stop. Tight small schools. Could hardly mark them on bottom. Nothing at all around Abino, not even bait.... Drove around till 10 without wetting a line.
  9. I have 3 dozen large minnows in Thorold, free if you p/u. Txt for addy, 9057089099
  10. I have a couple Crucial DS rods. (7-2 medium xfast) Soft tip to work a bait without bouncing the weight, plenty of backbone to bury a hook in deep water, have fished up to 1 oz without a problem.
  11. If you have access to a boat U.S side is on fire... 45 on Sat, most over 3lbs a few over. 5. Meyers reef good place to start.
  12. Generally no shallower than 25, I am primarily fishing 30-40 during late October until Dec...always exceptions
  13. By far the best time of the year to bass fish! 100 fish days, giants and a reaction bite! Plus no getting buzzed by pleasure craft
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