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  1. What a great Post..... Treasure these moments as much as you can. I have pictures of my daughter camping just like that around the same age... Although I am sure I took them last year I must be wrong because she is now 21 years old.... Still my little girl, but damn they grow up fast......
  2. Grimsby Tackle has lots of security cameras. I hope they get a good identification on these jerks
  3. I keep this number in my tackle bag. I just realized I should just put it into my contacts on my phone so It's ready when needed. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry TIPS line1-877-847-7667
  4. I noticed a school of them sitting below me one day while fishing off a rock ledge. I tried everything, Tried a small piece of worm on a small hook and nothing. I pulled a really wiggly worm right under them and nothing. I tried floating a fly over them and nothing. In my opinion, Dave524 has the best option, use a dip net. Or maybe a stick of dynamite just kidding of course
  5. My son and I have spent many days getting skunked . So really one nice fish makes a good day. We did manage 4 smallies and one pike on Friday and 7 smallies this morning. That is above average for us.
  6. Like Bruce mentioned, Six mile has what you are looking for but its a bit of a drive. Worth the drive in my opinion. If you book the rights site you could sit in your tent and cast.... lol
  7. Nice ! If they are not invasive and cause no harm let's hope they increase in population. Sounds like it was a good catch. Glad you released it and thanks for the picture.
  8. LOL you just made my day.... :-)
  9. Hi Wellcat, Welcome to the forum. This is a great site with some awesome members. You will enjoy making new friends here. Sounds like you have a nice place there... had to laugh, city in the front country in the back.... couldn't ask for anything better. Cam
  10. Well, this darn weather is not going to help for the long weekend. I agree... someone needs to post the first crappie picture for 2016 Unfortuanlty I don't think it will be me.
  11. Well, we tried everything and got nothing. All our favorite spots for Crappie. Plastics, bucktails, and even worms. Who is going to be first to post a crappie on this thread ? LOL It was still a great day !!
  12. Williams lures are still sold in stores today. Maybe being made by a different company and using the name ?
  13. I haven't been on the site for awhile. Just logged on to look around... I am so glad I did or I would have missed this show. My son and I are looking forward to it Cam
  14. Wow that was a bad weekend that just kept getting worse. I have had cameras on my house for the last 5 years, after my house was broken into. I am actually upgrading my system from 600TVL to a 1080P system this weekend as the difference in quality is incredible. I have spent a month researching and shopping around. If you want some help picking out a low cost system with High quality cameras send me a PM
  15. Hi Guys, Thanks for the input. We were short on time so we didn't have much luck, (At lest I have something to blame the on this time) We had a great time though and found some nice little spots to go back and work on There were a few guys out at Dennys Dam, We never tried there but it looks like an amazing spot We are planning another trip back, This time a fishing trip. That was funny..... actually it was a large outdoor market in Keady next to Tara that the girls wanted to go to. Thanks again everyone, Cam
  16. Hi, We are heading up to South Hampton for a couple of days next week. I will be dropping my wife off in Tara with her sister to do some shopping. That leaves about 5 or 6 hours for my son and I to check out some new water. Beacuse we are limited for time I was hoping someone might have a suggestion on a good general area for us to start. Thanks, Cam
  17. This is a little disturbing "We can assume that the fish might have a different behaviour when exposed to the drug, and maybe that would have a decline on the survival rate of a fish population," she said. http://www.thespec.com/news-story/5750246-trace-amounts-of-cocaine-oxycodon-and-morphine-in-ontario-drinking-water/
  18. Awesome ! I will always remember my sons first Bass You should be very proud Cam
  19. 39,000 Walleye fingerlings placed in the Hamilton Bay . http://www.thespec.com/news-story/5711124-a-wonder-of-walleye-in-the-bay/ Interesting article, Cam
  20. Hey don't worry. If I had found that on line I would have posted it as well.
  21. Nice ! I am really curious on what the strike was like. Did it hit and run ? or did if feel more like you snagged into something heavy at first ? I would think with braided line it would almost pull the rod right out of your hand when you were expecting a walleye. Unless you were trolling with the rod in a holder, but i didn't see any down riggers in the picture. Cam
  22. until the end of August. I also heard that after this bridge is complete they will be doing the next one towards Decew
  23. Hi, I just saw this on the Weather Network and thought you hard water guys might find it interesting. As of today Dec 27 2014: Lake Erie has 0% ice coverage last year at this time 19.6% was covered with ice. Lake Ontario as of today 0% last year this time 1.96% Lake Huron as of today 2% is frozen over, last year at this time 23.3% Lake Michigan as of today 1.3% is frozen over, last year at this time 16.9% Lake Superior as of today 0.3% frozen, last year 5.2% Pond in my back yard as of today 0% frozen, last year 100% Hope you guys get a chance to get out soon, and when you do Stay Safe. Cam
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