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  1. When I called the dodge dealership...he said that if I had both vin numbers from the trucks he could try to find out if it would work in my truck...is that what you mean by vin coded??
  2. Thx kgm...only difference is mine is a 6 disc changer and the ram one is a single disc...all the plug ports in the back look the same ..as does the front
  3. Anybody out there know if a 06 dodge ram radio will fit in my 06 dakota..looks identical to mine but the part numbers are different..thx
  4. I also had a beautiful doe come with in 20 yards...had a clear shot....buuut...no doe tag...lol...about 40 mins after that had a flock of turkeys come and land right in front of me...they came within 10 yards...buuut....no turkey tag...argggh...that will teach me not to get my tags....lol...oh well..just really nice to get out
  5. Ya still pretty warm...well atleast the last three days..lol...
  6. Pretty pumped...put some decent time in this year getting ready...first time out at the new property I secured to hunt...sat out the other night scouting had a smaller 6 pointer come in...hope he sticks around...lol
  7. Didn't know this was the classified section...lol
  8. Try C&J...my buddy uses them...he swears by them...it's behind the beacon
  9. It's an American company...so that 100 buck turns into 172 with tax and duties and that's also before the money gets changed into canadian dollars which would be alot more
  10. I agree snags...I do not like the new look at all..if it is here too stay I prolly won't be on here much...jmo...
  11. Ryan did you ask for your post to be removed?
  12. Good one dr. Feelgood...I noticed some of my notifications were gone....possible that they have passwords...noticed one of the threads was gone too...that could have been just delete though
  13. If the site got hacked..how much personal info could they gave gotten???
  14. Down imaging....side imaging
  15. Where does it mention garbage?...am I missing something..
  16. Give it a break...pisses me off...I used to go to st johns with my dad back in the day...I loved it!!...who gives a crap if they are pellet fed..not everybody has these magical spots for wild brookies and maybe some of they guys just wanna feel a tug on the line and not go buy them at a grocery store...if it's not your cup of tea...then don't read the thread..how about just a simple.... nice job on the fish...glad you got out fishing..geesh
  17. I see thorold city council is gonna amend some if the discharge laws for hunting...just read an article in the standard.
  18. Fiberglass for big water and aluminum in smaller lakes..my 2 cents...
  19. Ok..I booked through Expedia...after I booked I called the airline and they confirmed that it was all good...193 all in one way...I am driving back instead of flying
  20. I'm heading too nfld..I was weary of the third party sites as I have heard bad things about redtag
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