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  1. I hope Angelo's sponsors see what a great supporter he is of the outdoors, and his characterization of outdoorsmen and walk on him.
  2. Glad you got it sorted out. Has happened to mine a few times so I figured that's what you would be running into Just a suggestion, if you haven't recrimped yet, add a couple of extra crimps before and after the magnets and leave a piece of heat shrink on the cable that you don't shrink. That way if it happens again you can slide it together again and crimp the uncrimped barrels and reshrink it. It saves having to do a complete reconnect every time it happens. Just depends what system you use to terminate the wire. Good Luck
  3. Has your autostop trigger moved on the cable? I mean has the heat shrink come apart and the crimps moved apart? It seems to happen when you run heavier balls and once they move too far apart they will work intermittently. If you pull it apart and recrimp it and re heat shrink the crimps and the magnets back together tightly it may fix your issue.
  4. You are in STC so you aren't too far from the Orvis store in NY. They have free fly casting classes and class 2 and 3 are on the water fishing with their staff. They also have free fly tying classes as well.
  5. coyote decoy will work as well
  6. Saw a salmon being caught at Dennys on Saturday.
  7. Try Rocky Bottom Prop Shop. http://www.rockybottompropshop.com/
  8. Best advice. Don't mess with Erie on a windy day!!!! There will be plenty of good days when you can fish comfortably and safely.
  9. Put on a brand new prop and I bet you find the shallow parts
  10. Yeah the upper and Whitemen's Creek were crystal clear today, made for tough fishing
  11. Upper is very low right now. Areas the canoe normally goes over easily, had to get out and walk it.
  12. You can dismiss the worries about heavier lines simply by setting your drag to a reasonable level. Short of dragging bass out of the slop or setting on muskies there is no need for heavy drag. The activities mentioned otherwise require rods capable of handling it anyway. I run braid on my riggers as well, as fleas pull off much easier. Braid may collect more fleas then mono but it pulls through them well I put the braid away on very cold days in the winter though as it tends to collect a little water and freezes guides, then I run straight flourocarbon
  13. There is a species of Lamprey that is protected. Its the Northern Brook Lamprey. You will not find them attached to a fish as they are a non parasitic lamprey.
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