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  1. Saturday april 16 at Jordan harbor register from 515 am start at 630 am. cost 20$ per angler biggest fish. pays 1st 2nd 3rd. opt. calcuta 20$ 3 fish only one lake trout. bbq to follow
  2. well the craa does not own the river. they do a good job but not for everyone. salmon don,t need to go up river far. but the atlantic program has to go. in short anyone can get a petition going and does not need approval from anyone. the credit has been going down hill for years and so is bronte. just look east and tell me the difference. need more stocking and access. very simple solution.
  3. they are now enforcing the call law, recently had a cbs guy check me in Hamilton, after I asked him about the call law , he said they are now charging people. its only a phone call. they now have spotter planes out checking.
  4. battery isolator, hooks up to both batteries and motor will charge the weakest one when running, or the battery switch as mentioned above, best to have a cranking/deep cycle battery you can get the dual purpose batteries. that's what I use on both my boats.
  5. SATURDAY APRIL 25TH is the date for straitline anglers tourney out of Jordan. details on our website. its the ken fisher memorial spring fling.
  6. Grimsby tackle has a guy that does it. just drop it off usually ready in a week.
  7. you can go below Calgary on the bow fish from shore. hit the tackle shops they will point you in the right direction.. float trip on the bow is awesome. then try the frazer river for sturgeon. bent rods charters. worth the money.in Alaska if you want to have fun go halibut fishing.
  8. stay away from it. force engines are bad, too much money for that boat.
  9. come to the straitline anglers meeting tonight at the grimsby legion, BILL SPICER from the NEW FLYFISHER will be speaking, you can get a lot of info from him.
  10. nice fish btw some of the biggest muskies are caught unexpected.
  11. last year I was on 20 inches of ice on the bof q in an area that is normally not safe anytime. the bay was frozen all through the narrows you can run an atv along the shore all the way to desoronto. narrows had 3 inches which is normally open. don't expect to be on for a while. this cold is only for a few days then a warm up and back to cold. be safe.
  12. can be easy but I would check the stringers too once theres rot everything starts. if you get the boat free ok other wise pass.
  13. great day on the river, good numbers, biggest for us was 7.6 lbs. lots of 5 lb'ers. river is prime now long as the winds don't blow. all fresh fish, yarn, roe and beads in chart, hot orange or pink. back at it tomorrow.
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