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  1. i was at port dalhousie a number of weeks ago and was fishing beside these 2 younger kids probably no older then 18, using baitcaster rods and reels. they were catching a good number of fish consistently, and was wondering who they are, i have some questions for them. any help would be greatly appreciated they both wear a wading outfit.
  2. Would you guys be willing to make a memorial for Kenny? All of us come up with a idea.
  3. Won't be the same not hearing his Irish accent down at port, making a memorial for Ken.
  4. RIP Kenny, u will be greatly missed among all of us trout anglers! fishing won't be the same without you.
  5. The time has come boys!!!
  6. gtgf

    Jordan Valley

    Is the water high?
  7. Does anyone know the water level and colour of Jordan thinking of going there for opener any info would be great
  8. April showers bring fresh steel April showers bring fresh steel April showers bring fresh steel
  9. I just got back from BP checking out all there trout gear, and it's damn expensive!! A pack of bead pegs for 10$!! Is 5.97$ at petes! And beads at 6$ at BP and only 4 at petes, Petera dediantly has the better prices and the better people save your has and stay local! TIGHT LINES??
  10. I have been down to the pool a handful of times floating and I'm new to pinning I've managed to land a laker but that's all any tips would be appreciated
  11. I try to avoid large places like bass pro I find the workers don't have very much knowledge, they are rude and stuck up and I would much rather support my local tackle shop, PETES TACKLE!
  12. Anyone know of a spot in niagara to get silvers or striped bass and what to use
  13. Looking to go to a spot for some steel, looking to get my first on a pin! I know of port and Jordan bronte ect... But looking to go somewhere where I can hook up In saint catharines like the river ect...
  14. Alright awesome might go there Sunday with some crappie jigs on a float see if I can hook up Into a trout
  15. I live right by short hills and never fished there was wondering if it's worth the journey? A guy at my work caught a brown outta there is that possible
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