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  1. Hope you feel better, Cliff. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  2. I'm running Deka AGM's from Great Northern Battery in Hamilton. I've run Trojans and they are superb but they weren't sealed or maintenance free which is what I needed. My Deka's are beyond awesome but my next battery will be Odysseys.
  3. Kawartha Prop is very highly spoken off..
  4. Sometimes it's a matter of preference. Some guys like a stiffer rod for deeper water, as I do, other's like the softer action regardless. If you want specific models, shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to share. I will say that when d/s in 20 feet or less, a softer rod gets the nod, especially in the shallows, if not you'll tear the hooks out. Hope this helps.
  5. When you get firm pricing on those Deka's, can you post please.
  6. Is a boat allowed in there? Outboard? Electric Motor?
  7. I'll check out Princess Auto this week. Marlon Marine in St. Catharines saved me today! Great service and had my parts in stock. Thanks for all of your suggestions!
  8. Any clue where I can find a replacement tail light for an older Ranger Trail Trailer? I'd even be willing to upgrade to LED if I can find a kit. Help!
  9. I've always worn Maui Jim Sunglasses and they are indeed awesome. This summer I bought a pair of Kaenon Sunglasses and they have really impressed me. Pass by Speer Opticians as they carry both brands, either way you can't go wrong.
  10. FishInk


    Awesome fish! Well done!
  11. I started out with a very inexpensive baitcaster when I was 15, many years ago! You turn on all the magnets, set the spool tension a little tighter and as you get more comfortable start to back off the spool tension. Once you start to train your thumb, you can back of the magnets and get more distance. Using a heavy monofilament (20lbs) is a great idea as backlashes are much easier to manage. I use spinning and baitcasting and each have their place. Most importantly, it has to be fun! If there is a backlash, just laugh it off!
  12. It sounds like you need a medium/heavy dropshot rod.
  13. No way, I'm not sold on that theory! Jordan Harbour is dirty at the best of times and produces monster bass. Pros on the US circuits consistently seek out stained water in search of better fish. If pike is your passion, check out this article, http://www.realfishing.com/rf/magazine/spring2010.pdf starting on page 34.
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