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  1. So that means you dont fish unless some one says there catching ? Don't sound like your a fisher man . Its not how many you catch its how you catch try 30fow. #1 dipsey back 190 ft on a red devil let me know how you make out lol ?
  2. She looks excited lol.thats Awsome
  3. It should rotate clock wise ? I have the same one works geat. If your looking for new foot pedal i have one i dont need.
  4. Interstate is the way to go. I picked mine up at a interstate dealer in stony creek . Great price
  5. That sucks but wtf is he doing just leaving it behind ?how much is the rod worth new.
  6. iv tryed making a longer one and it is a pain in the a$$. Gets caught on every thing and shuts the motor down in mid fish. Iv ordered the autotether marine so hoping this will work much better.
  7. Seen this posted on a site (thought it was this site) Cant remember which one Autotether Marine - Lanyard-Free Wireless Kill Switch .they cost $220 +15 shipping. Im looking to purchase one as i fish alone most of the time. Question is is a life worth the $235 ?
  8. chevy

    Fish Guts

    I just take them to the river and dump them in and give the bucket a good washing at the same time.im sure all the river creatures eat it all. Nothing worse than a bucket of guts hanging around lol.
  9. Hello all. Does any body no what time they open the gate at 50 point conservation. Thank you in Advance. Was out this past saturday and went 15/17 on lake trout. Was a great day Kept 4 for the smoker. Buddy has the before pix on his phone.
  10. Thats way to funny. Thanks for tge laugh
  11. i only liked it because dam i spell it wrong every time WALLEYE LOL
  12. chevy

    Erie Ice

    Thats the best news of the year. Whos got the minnows ?
  13. chevy

    Erie Ice

    Sweet. Thanks for the pic bic lol. Maybe another week then.
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