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  1. Sounds like a great time out with the kids congratulations on that and the fish best fishing ???? Dave & Anna
  2. I'm going to see if Dad's interest. Sounds like fun ?? best fishing Dave
  3. AC/DC

    I'm back

    Welcome back ??
  4. Nice fish Rickyy33 best luck fishing ???? Dave & Anna
  5. I was thinking the same thing Walleye Chaser. I will let you know how it works out tomorrow. ? good luck fishing ???? Dave & Anna
  6. Thanks for the tip Deetch ? best fishing ???? Dave & Anna
  7. Fonthill is right that's exactly where Waverly shoal is. You might want to look into some lake maps ex. Lake Master or Navionics there are both amazing. They show your everything, names of everything and the USA/CAN line and more. Before I got the maps I was lost as to all the place people where talking about. They are great tools and not to expensive. If it's not in the cards right now I will help you as much as I can just shoot me a message. Good luck fishing ???? Dave & Anna
  8. I'm going to try Port Colborne only because I'm going to do my first tournament around there in a couple weeks. I don't know if that's the best place to start but have to start somewhere. I got 2 last week in the western basin 27-29 fow but that's deep for the western basin. Port Colborne may still be too deep we will see. The 2 I caught last week in the western basin were on worm harnesses and 2 feet off the bottom super slow 1.0 mph. Water is heating up so.....my thoughts are they will start moving deeper. I just don't have a starting point for the eastern basin yet. I will let you know
  9. My own personal opinion about sharing info is that if someone shares with me in private I keep it private out of respect for them and there opinions on sharing. If I discover something on my own I will share it openly. I believe there are more than enough fish for everyone and if I can help someone who loves fishing as much as I do that's awesome. The more people how fish the more money and resources get put into it. I understand there are ignorant people who ruin things. But let's kill'em with kindness and lead by example good luck fishing ???? Dave & Anna
  10. Just a question? I sometimes PM other members it's not to keep anything a secret just as to not high jack the post. I wonder if others do the same? Maybe people see this and think we are trying to keep secrets. What do you think? happy fishing ??????? Dave & Anna
  11. AC/DC


    Will be trying on Saturday. Will let you know his we do. good luck ????? Dave & Anna
  12. I got 2 last week in the same 27-29 fow but was fishing the other side of the lake. I'm going to try this side on Saturday. Will let you know how we do. Good luck ?????? Dave & Anna

  14. Just trying to figure out the rules on posting on here
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