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  1. Fonthill is right that's exactly where Waverly shoal is. You might want to look into some lake maps ex. Lake Master or Navionics there are both amazing. They show your everything, names of everything and the USA/CAN line and more. Before I got the maps I was lost as to all the place people where talking about. They are great tools and not to expensive. If it's not in the cards right now I will help you as much as I can just shoot me a message.

    Good luck fishing ????

    Dave & Anna


  2. I'm going to try Port Colborne only because I'm going to do my first tournament around there in a couple weeks. I don't know if that's the best place to start but have to start somewhere. I got 2 last week in the western basin 27-29 fow but that's deep for the western basin. Port Colborne may still be too deep we will see. The 2 I caught last week in the western basin were on worm harnesses and 2 feet off the bottom super slow 1.0 mph. Water is heating up so.....my thoughts are they will start moving deeper. I just don't have a starting point for the eastern basin yet.

    I will let you know what I find please do the same. 

    Best fishing ????

    Dave & Anna


  3. My own personal opinion about sharing info is that if someone shares with me in private I keep it private out of respect for them and there opinions on sharing. If I discover something on my own I will share it openly. I believe there are more than enough fish for everyone and if I can help someone who loves fishing as much as I do that's awesome. The more people how fish the more money and resources get put into it. I understand there are ignorant people who ruin things. But let's kill'em with kindness and lead by example 

    good luck fishing ????

    Dave & Anna

  4. Just a question? I sometimes PM other members it's not to keep anything a secret just as to not high jack the post. I wonder if others do the same? Maybe people see this and think we are trying to keep secrets. What do you think?

    happy fishing ???????

    Dave & Anna

  5. I was thinking of going out this week and try for some Walleye ( pickerel ). I am from northern ontario and know them as pickerel but I seem to always get corrected down here when I refer to them as such, so walleye it is.

    Has anyone been out trying for walleye yet? Any luck?

  6. The MNR have been down there every night that I have been there. Also I have noticed that Niagara Parks Police have also been checking licences this year! NRP has also been down there checking licences. So they are using 3 different resources to monitor the situation. I was talking to one of the Niagara parks police one night and there was probably 150 people down there and they only caught one without a licence. I was shocked! Only one??!!

    Also, every year I go down there and I see people net walleye. I tell them they can't keep it and they pretend they don't understand and they pack their stuff up and leave. My phone catches the US tower and I get no service. It's a very hard thing to monitor.

  7. Thank you very much for all the input. I really do appreciate it! I have boated a lot in my life as well but it has been in small lakes way up in northern Ontario. I also had my father to tell me if I can go out on the boat or not. I have zero experience on the great lakes. I have been caught in a nasty storm on the break wall in Port Colbourne a couple of years back and I remember losing some of my gear and having to crouch down behind the lighthouse because of the extreme winds and the waves crashing over the break wall!! The system seemed to come out of nowhere! And it was a nice sunny day very little wind..... And then BAM! Now that we have a boat, I think back to that day and Lake Erie scares the bejesus out of me lol. So having said that, all adice is welcomed and appreciated. I want to enjoy myself, catch fish but most important, I want to be safe and feel safe. In order to achieve that, I need all the knowledge I can get from people who have the experience.

    Thanks again


  8. Hi Everyone!

    I have recently bought a boat and have been out on Erie a few times now. I know that Erie is known to be unforgiving at times and I am kind of leery to venture out too far but would like to get out far enough to get some Walleye. I have no experience boating on Erie and I am not sure what this boat can handle. I have a 17 ft with a 50HP. The only time I have successfully went a few miles out was when it was about 7km/hour winds. I launched in Crystal beach yesterday and with was 17km/per hour winds and it seemed quite rough so I turned around. I am wondering if my boat is too small to go out in those conditions? Anyone with boating experience that can offer up some advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I know I have a lot to learn and I want to make sure that I am boating safely for myself and other boaters out there as well.

    Thank You


  9. I made it out to Queenston on Friday night to experience first-hand what the whole 'smelt craze' was all about. Personally, I absolutely loved the atmosphere. People were friendly, garbage was minimal (for that amount of people), there was no fighting for spots, and the fishing was decent. Patience was definitely a virtue that night: we had to wait for the current to change up, which brought the schools of smelt in tight to shore. You knew a school was coming because everyone would tense up and then someone would yell, "NOW!" and everyone would start hauling their nets in--it really felt like a team effort.

    I might've been lucky and been down there on a good night, but I wanted to fill everyone in on my positive experience there. I hear it gets a lot worse when the smelt start running heavy, and I can see how doubling the amount of people down there could lead to some nasty situations.

    All in all, I had a great time! I also now have two ziplock baggies full of frozen smelt! Thank you AC/DC! :)

    Your welcome Niagarangler! I am glad you enjoyed your experience! We were fortunate, the group of people down there were very nice. I had a great time. Joey cooked his up the next day and he said they were delicious! We went down again last night and caught a few more, they seem to be coming in a little more now.

    Hope we all get to fish together again!

  10. ACDC I'd still like to hear more about the DEC managing smelts. I viewed their regs and like the other species you are allowed to dip net for your limit is 8 quarts. I also found the following about bait.

    I'm not arguing with you, I just found the idea of managing an invasive for the purpose of preserving them a radical idea. If you hear anymore about this please share it B)

    Hi Dan,

    I was informed of Lewiston managing the amount of smelts being pulled from the river by a local angler that I bumped into at Gander Mountain. I have not researched their regulations to verify but he did mention it was because of the abuse. People taking much more than can be used personally. I know that they have a huge smelt festival in Lewiston first weekend in May. Perhaps it has to do with that particular area. I don't fish over there so I am not all that concerned with their regulations, just found it interesting that this guy mentioned it when I was inquiring about net material for smelting. He also mentioned that they have net regulations as well.

    I have no claim of being super knowledgeable about smelts and how invasive they may be, so there is no argument there. I just wanted to share information that was passed on to me. I still feel that people should not be pulling excessive amounts of smelts out of there for profit and I feel even more strongly about the garbage left behind. That kind of disregard for our environment is what will ruin it for everybody. It's simple, bring a garbage bag, they have garbage cans down there, use them! Don't throw your beer bottle in the river! or your water bottles! or food wrappers! I understand that things happen, you drop something, the wind catches it but I watch people just leave their garbage everywhere and there is no need for that.

  11. Well Smelting was a bust tonight. We went down to Queenston and the docks were full, as per usual around this time, they were catching some but they were working hard for whatever they got. They are getting bigger but still quite small yet. The run is not quite heavy enough to be worth while.

  12. @Chilli,

    I was across the river in Lewiston talking to some of the anglers there and they informed me that they have regulated smelt fishing over there. He said that they are now monitoring how much people take and enforcing the new regulations. They want to control the abuse of the resource. I thought it was interesting after reading your post, that they, perhaps, don't feel that smelts are that invasive.

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