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  1. Those three are mergansers, hard to tell from the photo but I believe those to be swans not snow geese. Cormorants are early migrators, and for the most part are gone. Although fishing the upper in the summer there were thousands. cheers
  2. Hey guys I’m having an issue with my 19 month out lab. I followed Chris Akens duck dog program since he was a pup. overall he’s an amazing dog. Steady, listens to commands ect. He retrieves perfectly if it’s anytime but a duck. As soon as it’s a bird he snubs it and come back to me with nothing. Been working on this for over a year with him and just can’t seem to get to to pick it up. he will retrieve a bumper with wings attached. any tips or tricks here ? hes never seen another dog retrieve a bird so I’m thinking maybe that could help if anyone’s got a dog and would be willing to help me out for a couple hours that would be great ( send a pm ) thoughts? thanks guys
  3. Hey guys, I’m wondering if there’s anywhere in Niagara I can buy a couple birds for training my dog before the season kicks off? also if anyone has any wings there willing to part with I’d be happy to pick them up ! thanks
  4. nice 10 bird limit waiting. Hoping to get out myself for a couple hunts just need to find them. I hunt Sunday gun hunt areas so the spring is always thought to get on birds in new areas. Good luck guys ! send me a pm if you want to possibly hook up, I have layouts, 60 goose decoys ect
  5. Hey guys looking for websites to sell firearms on. Thanks for any info
  6. Hi basscrazy, do you still have the Mitchell 300 for sale???

  7. Yup seen those boys down in the lower last week
  8. Hey guys I'd be down for a group hunt as well. As my group hunts weekends, in which I work now. I have 15 years experience water-fowling as I started as a young lad. Maybe we can get a group outing. Pms welcome
  9. Wtg guys. My opener wasnt so great. One shot, one goose and that's all she wrote. However after I called it a day I did a little drive around. Seen some guys illegally hunting and shooting at anything that flew by. And then I seen another group of hunters put three shots into a cormeran. All I have to say is be safe out there and congrats on your birds
  10. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone on here has/ works on the oil sands. Was hoping to get some info. I hear a lot about them but not sure what's fact or fiction. I'm very interested, in a possible career change. Please feel free to pm or msg here. Thanks
  11. Has any caught a trout down there in the past 15years? My father used to talk about trout fishing in there however I myself have seen nor caught one out of there .
  12. I might have a misunderstanding on the crown land then. My son turns 5 this year. I will be looking up what you mentioned Jordan, however for a trip without my son. I guess what I'm looking for is something within an hour or two from niagara to take him camping. That's not a provincial park or conservation area. But not sure if there's any where I could do that. Some where to hike for an hour in ad then set up. Fishing like I said would just be a bonus
  13. Hey guys having a heard time finding anything to do this locations of crown land and and general info on it. I'm looking to take my son camping alot this year. However I'd prefer to get him out in the woods. Any info or recommendations would be great. Even if the land doesn't offering fishing. Thanks
  14. http://s1117.photobucket.com/user/Basscrazy1/slideshow/Mobile%20Uploads Here's i link to photos of the reel
  15. Thanksgiving weekend 2014 My family and I head north to the cottage. I'm extremely excited for my son ( 3 years old ) at the time to get into his first pickerel. You can catch them at night right from the dock. First two nights the waves a crashing the dock. Causing it to be unfishable. Night after night breaking my sons heart that we wouldn't be going fishing. Finally the last night we are out there is calm. So the three generations dad (papa) myself and my son head down to the dock. We were using jumbo minnows on sinkers. My son kept asking me where his bobber was as he had never fishing with something else before. The he tells me " daddy I feel something heavy I think I got a fish " I reassure him that there a weight on the other end and a minnow, and that's why it's heavy. After about a minute or so he tells me again something heavy, he's thinks he's got a fish and that he's going to reel it in. So I tell him ok buddy bring it in. Not thinking much of the bend in his little rod with weight that's in it. I'm putting a new minnow on my hook and I look over and there a hole bunch of splashing beside the dock! He did! He had his first pickerel on! But I dropped the ball. I didn't have the net ready and it got off right at the dock. At this time I had so many emotions. My 3 year old just caught a pickerel all by himself. I was having one only proudest moments at the same time being devastated I wasn't there with the net for him. He didn't get another bit all night. I ended up getting 3 a little after that. So I'd just set to hook and hand him my rod and let him reel them in. I got to show him how they have teeth and how you have to measure the fish to make sure it's an ok size to keep ( slot limit ). And he seemed to be ok that we didn't get his on the dock. For the next three weeks my son told everyone that would listen that he caught 4 fish and daddy didn't catch any. But we only got 3 Because daddy didn't have the net ready for the first one. I have caught 1000s of fish in my life. And the pickerels caught that night are my favourite 4 of all time
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