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  1. fished Monday out of cb ,what a fantastic day weather wise and fishing, got on the water about 11:30 with 2 scoops from Dominion .straight out to 60 fow to a waypoint I have but nothing there so moved about a third of a mile east to a group of boats and they were on fish and I started catching but my partner wasn't and after a while and a dozen fish reallised all my fish were being caught on a gold hook and john didn't want to change and it stayed 5 or 6 to 1 all afternoon all big fish with one that must have gone 2 pounds ended up with 46 big perch 'great way to end the season, time to put the boat away Dave
  2. thanks for the info
  3. are any of you fishing for perch or is it a waste of good fishing time just now .If you are after them how are you doing thanx Dave
  4. he also does a really good job on reel repairs for a reasonable price
  5. great news I'm going perchin thanks, Dave
  6. is the ramp open or is there any word on when it might open thanks Dave
  7. Dave I called and there not opening the 50 pt ramp till June

    Im going to Maitland in the morning, I'll have my cel on if you want to call me.

  8. great news all we need now is common sense from the town and the boaters
  9. too bad but most likely for the better, glad I got out on Saterday,fishing sucked for me but was great to get out Dave
  10. rbrwrm

    boat ramp

    thank you Chris,time to get the boat home Dave
  11. rbrwrm

    boat ramp

    is the boat ramp at crystal beach ice free and is there any ice on the lake gotta go fishin Dave😷
  12. if you can afford it go with a helix 7 at least,the 5 is a great unit but if you are split screen it is too hard to see too small Dave
  13. thanks for the info on the Queenston boat launch it was right on. I got out yesterday and went straight to the bar,it is going to take time to learn boat control out there, but we fished the 22 to 25 foot area anyhow until we got blown off by east winds so we went upriver to an eddy with a nice weedbed and fished there . We caught 4 bass on the bar and a dozen in the river, was a good day Dave
  14. rbrwrm


    going out Friday from Crystal Beach, if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated Thanks Dave
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