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  1. Yeah I was going to say what boat launch at nickolas, only thing left is the pillars 😂 its is doable, see guys doing it but a no thanks for me. Good luck go fishing 👍
  2. Very nice Darryl! How many pounds did you get if you had to guess? I got 65lbs deboned off my buck ate some last night after butchering it and wow 🤤
  3. No I was hunting by myself no group at all, goodluck this season! I do have oics just have to get them sent to me then I can post them. Thank you guys 👍
  4. I got it done this morning during the shotgun hunt hunt, woke up at 4:45am and got ready to head to the woods! Got set up about 1 hour before shooting time and brrr it was chilly! Definitely worth it thought. Got a nice 5pt buck at 7:57am very big buck. I am pleased to have filled my tag and now have the rest of the week off work now.
  5. Just got back from a morning hunt after working midnights, saw 2 does maybe 200 yards out, and saw a Turkey also, not a bad start I'd say.
  6. Hi my buddy gave me this rod and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it? I'd like to use it as a float rod. Its 11'6 made in Japan I belive. It's called sengsun vonguard. Thank you.
  7. Hey cliff I am interested in doing that. Will there be ice ready by end of december?
  8. Davidp16


    How did you make it if you went?
  9. Very nice fish and beautiful spot up there!
  10. Nice catch! Would love to catch some crappie one day never caught one before
  11. Hitting up the upper niagara tomorrow morning in the boat. Got it all ready I'm excited!
  12. Davidp16


    Hello everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has ever caught leeches in the upper Niagara river? Like in the creeks, I have never heard of them. But I'm not sure if they would be in creeks. I love to use leeches
  13. Haha never will have the sperm but the eggs taste really good and exactly if your going to keep the big hens myswell keep the eggs. The eggs are good
  14. hello everyone! I am just curious as to what's your guys opinions on perch eggs? ya or nah? I personally eat the eggs. my dad has brought me up that way and so has his dad. there is nothing wrong with them they are really good! but those are the only eggs ill eat. but yeah what's your opinions?
  15. I target them in the spring on the upper and do pretty good. I only catch them for a few weeks then they take off till next year.!
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