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  1. Been getting out when and where i can. Even got into a few crappie lately.
  2. Here's the first one of 2017 for me. So far so good.
  3. Glad to hear your on the mend cliff.
  4. If the waters right, they get a good run of suckers in the spring
  5. Salmon are in the harbour but don't have enough water to run up.
  6. Funny enough, I was fishing for walleye, got it on a jig and 4 inch fin s fish
  7. This was from last night. Picture doesn't do it justice, this king was thick, net was a little to small.
  8. I'm going to go ahead and lock this topic, this horse has been beaten long enough. If you want to continue the "conversation" take it to pm. Otherwise let it rest. Canalinvader, piece of advice. You have 19 total posts. Most of which have been. Argumentative. And to an extent that is fine. If you want to be a part of the Niagara fishing community then introduce yourself, indulge in conversation and help others if they have a question and you can help. Otherwise a lot of your posts will be received as they have and you'll continue with arguments. If there are any problems of questions feel free to pm one of the Niagara fishing staff members.
  9. Canal invader, why so opinionated?... Sure shimano is great but it's no van stall... Other brands make good reels as well.. sure shimano makes Stella's, and the ci4+ and the sustain, but in my opinion I believe they are priced higher than they should be. On to my next point, and again, my opinion. Diawa, who makes some very nice reels is a cabelas brand. Which is basically a bass pro brand. And in terms of box box stores should mean they are crap with your understanding? I know I see a lot more low end shimano rod/reel at places like Canadian tire, Walmart. You also see low end quantum bait cast combos. Why are they sold at Canadian tire?.. to get people into bait cast fishing without dropping major bucks. In the end, every company makes low/med/high quality reels. From business perspective they have to. But when it comes to high end reels, were talking smoke, ci4, mgxtreme, ext... They all become the same reel to an extent.. Maybe my mindset is to open. But I get to fiddle with these reels all the time. You'd be amazed to see where these reels are manufactured and what ones we have more problens with. Just to cover myself, this is not me bashing any brand or anyone for that matter. Simply putting my thought out there that all brand have ups and downs with products they put out there.
  10. your right. not a sanctuary per-say. but it should be. it would be nice if the fines were increased and maybe a sign at popular parking lots reminding the goons whats on the line for the roe they are "collecting" but funding is whats needed and its simply just not there.
  11. My favourite part ( lack of better term) is when you see the gutted males.. if your going to be a good at least be efficient. Nothing fun about catching salmon in a foot of water that's 2 feet wide. And as the creek sits right now it's the lowest I have seen it in years. If you need roe then go buy it from a supplier, or wait for the browns. Just my two cents though.
  12. By the time there's any water in there and the fish come through it will be a sanctuary. Great place to educate people of the migration and educate the snaggers with a call to the ministry.
  13. Pike, dark body light markings. Take a read through the regulations.... This sort of thing will get you in a bunch of trouble.
  14. The double prop is a spy bait I believe. When you cast it, it should sink, good search bait. Cast, twitch, pause, twitch twitch.
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