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  1. I finally got the video done for our Trip Jumbo Perch Fishing Lake Erie May 17, 2015 Some of you guys might recognize my special guest.
  2. I've got to agree with everyone on the board. I've been out in some bad winds in my younger days... it can get pretty scary on Erie. I feel It's not worth taking a chance. These days I always check windfinder for the wind forecast 1-2 days prior, and then check these 2 stations on the morning of the day I want to go out: weather buoy at Port Colborne as well as the Weather Station at Buffalo I no longer get stuck out there in bad weather.
  3. Yes definitely, Terry thanks. If it weren't for the wind this weekend, I'ld be going too!
  4. I hear you Rob. I'm just a bit back-logged. I will try to get a recent one done. thanks
  5. Thanks Mark,I appreciate your kind words. we always combine them and split the catch at the end of the day. I was the one who caught more the last time we went out. It evens out.
  6. Here's a video of a great trip we had fishing for Jumbo Perch Fishing this past May 2014.
  7. We got 8 walleye last Sunday just north of the weather buoy along the border. However, we had to fish all day to get them. We got them all off the bottom down riggers and on worm harnesses. I hope to have a video of the trip soon. I'm thinking to go west of the weather buoy this week. good luck!
  8. nice walleye eater Smerch!
  9. almaddalena


    I just saw the ice report for Cooks Bay, this morning, Sat. Dec. 21, 2013. They have 4-5 in of good ice everywhere around Gilford. You can see Peter's Ice report here www.cooksbayfishingboard.com/thread/8334/24-hour-ice-reports However, I'm not sure how the ice will hold up with warm weather moving in. By the way....Nice Perch Smerch!!!
  10. Thanks for all the kind words guys. Looks like the Perch fishing is still hot, but its pretty rough out there today... 7 ft waves at the weather buoy....and they could be 10 ft where we fish.......Not a day for fishing today!!
  11. We had a great day jumbo perrch Fishing Lake Erie out of Port Colborne Oct.12-13. Here's my video of our trip. They're out there guys! Jumbo Perch Fishing Lake Erie Limiting Out Oct.12, 2013
  12. Wow, great information provided guys. Congrats to everybody who caught fish and who were out there trying! Its a great sport!
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