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  1. seeing a post about part of the welland river being fenced off i was wondering how many fishing places have we lost heres an oldy late 70s early 80 hydro allowed fishing in the queenston resevore
  2. dose anyone know if its ture lake scugog walley being closed indefinatly jan 1 2016
  3. dry corn i keep outside in a metal garbage can year round. after i boil the corn boils i keep it in the pot i boiled it in if you keep the corn covered with water it wont rot but it ferments and the carp dont seem to mind,
  4. had two on me yesterday probly got them at jordan along the hiway
  5. hooked some carp at jordan this morning nothing real big used maize
  6. when i boil my maise i wait untill some of the curnels srart to split that usully takes about a hour
  7. riggs


    i was told today that binbrook is open for fishing tomoro
  8. gibson and posibilty the wirllpool for carp
  9. i have navionics+ it has canada and the us you download what you want from the navionics web sit i belive you are alowed two gb of data on the card and you canot remove data from the card once its loaded onto it.
  10. i dont bother with boilies never had much luck with them
  11. i dont bother with boilies never had much luck with them
  12. riggs

    Welland Cats

    i tried a few spots on the weland teusday with worms and cut bait not any bites
  13. cought two yesterday in jordan harbor on maize
  14. workes good for your second rod when ice fishing
  15. a few years ago i tryed chumming threw the ice in a place where the carp are there once the ice is gone nevergot anything
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