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  1. Headed up to The Bay of Quinte. Been before but never fished. Going to be camping east of Kingston close to 1000 islands. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should be targeting/useing/techniques to get myself into some fish?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Off work due to a knee injury. Would like to sit and relax by the water. But would also like to catch a few carp. Anyone having any luck?
  3. Anyone here ever fish Littke Pike lake. Just wondering what to expect
  4. Smash


    My buddy ended up going back Sunday evening and ended up getting a nice big cat. We like to think we got revenge
  5. Smash


    Got about 4 small cats around and pound or so. One small carp. And one 8 pound carp. Lots of movement in the water was hoping to grab a few more. Had something big on my cut bail. Twice both times let go close to shore. Not sure wat it was but it was big . I just a circle hook rig and normal j hook right and they both let go. Dang
  6. Smash


    Nice thanks for your input guys. I do have lots of experience fishing for carp and cats so I should do ok. I'll head out to a spot I've been eyeing up this Saturday and I'll let u guys know how I do.
  7. Smash


    Anyone been out in the Welland River for any carp lately. Are they active ?? Haven't had a chance to make it out yet this year but really hoping to try for some cats and carp early morning Saturday?
  8. Any advice on fishing for catfish at this time of year?? Been working like crazy haven't got a chance to make it out much this year. I'm planing a night trip soon just wondering what's maybe what I should use for bait and area I'm fishing the Welland River
  9. Cool Man PM me let me know when ur going and what area maybe I can stop by and set a rod.
  10. Never had a problem I've tryed all sizes but for carp u use a small circle hook. For cats a bit bigger depends what ur using for bait. If I'm using cut bait or chicken liver I use a bigger hook
  11. Just don't set the hook reel in slow on a slight angle. It will hook em good. I started using them after I kept losing carp. Now I never lose em
  12. Circle hooks. They never pop out
  13. Right on man looks like it was an awesome time
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