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  1. Finally found boat storage in Niagara on the lake, he also offers heated storage Anyway, I brought my boat from the cottage to the storage on monday, while there I met up with my fishing partner who had his boat ready to take out for a day on the lower niagara. Very surprised to see guide boats on art park drift ( this early in the season ) meaning the trout have ARRIVED ! 1st stop the river mouth where the 1st fish landed was a 5.2lb bass but that didnt last long haha A few more spots before rigging up for trout......We stayed on art park drift for 3 hrs , no steelhead landed just lakers
  2. My cottage is 32kms from port hope so it's not a special drive from TO. I like the faster drifts and bigger fish !! 3 weeks ago I was catching silvers The big push is yet to come ,also it's big enough that people can spread out....
  3. Port Hope river monsters ! Just a few of the many landed WOW....
  4. So I'm finding out ! I had a 7 yr run at superman farm Queenston I'm still Hopeful.....
  5. I was hoping for a home garage , maybe a senior not driving and could use the extra cash.....or a winter fishing partner that has storage and wants to winter fish ? Any info would be Great.....
  6. Hey Guys , My great storage space is no more ( very sad )...... I have a Boat / You have storage Lets get together ???? My Boat Lowe FS 17.5 that needs a garage that I can access during the winter months Niagara / St Cath / St Davids I` ve had 7 great seasons on the river help me make it 8 .... Ron
  7. First Sturgeon our group has ever caught. The suckers were the red fin and the biggest I have seen ,and fight really hard......also missed the black fly onslaught by a few days they were just starting to get nasty as we were leaving
  8. Just got back from Waterfalls Lodge (w of sudbury ) 4 1/2 days There are pike / walleye / bass which has an open season being north of hwy 17 and lake trout Fishing in general was slow, the best action was on the Spanish River which is about a 10 min drive. We trailered a lodge boat and spent 2 days pounding walleye biggest 22" similar style of fishing as Niagara. Our bonus came on the last day when a 46" sturgeon ate a worm jig combo and what a fight ! It was my job to net the beast which on 2 attempts of trying to scoop the fish with the under sized net failed I had to hand
  9. Got out to Bowmaville Sunday for a 8.30 start , water was a little high with good colour . Surprised , the go to spot was empty of fishermen . I brought lots of baits to try including dew worms it was chilly with a light dusting of snow ! There was a big fallen tree in the tail end of the drift which limited the amount the space available to fish , more than 2 fishing this spot would be tight ( perfect for the 2 of us ) I' m rigged and ready first 10 drifts or so I had 3 fish on ( great start ) I finally land a nice silver female my buddy nothing yet he switches over baits and l
  10. I got out with a few guys ( yrly outing ) we always start in Bowmanville and this year it seemed a lot colder than normal ( maybe its an age thing ) anyways, I landed 3. nice ones using worms. By the time it started warming up the bite was off. Did not see many caught so we headed to the Ganny for the afternoon. My partner landed 3 I how ever, never got bit.I plan on heading back Wed, with less people on the river I can fish the drifts with more confidence.....anyways thats the plan.
  11. BP sells a jig organizer bag which is about 8" - 10" sq with a carry handle a zipper closure when you open it up inside is a bunch of plastic bag storage spaces almost like a photo album they work great and their cheep in price Rocknreel
  12. Very Sad to here.....I was on my way to Niagara that morning and was diverted off the hwy near fruitland
  13. I can send pics through e-mail and text only... thats my limit at this point Still learning haha
  14. Well, when I got to the bar the north rollers were waiting ( to rough ) so I headed to the hole and stayed all day, only 1 other boat stayed .I know fish are there I just got to get them to bite .... It was slow but worth it. Changed up many times and landed 3 lakers over 10 lbs 3 steel 1 close to 10 lbs ( Quality Fish ) and the bonus they fought like warriors
  15. I will on the river tomorrow and my first stop will be the bar.....I will report on how fishing was, good or bad
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