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  1. I'd be all for a speed limit on the Rec. Whether it be a "No Wake" zone or 10 km/h or something along those lines to keep the skiers off the water. That would also alleviate the stated concerns of noise pollution. Though in reality I think it's just that the rowers want to keep as many fishermen out of there as possible so they can continue to keep it for themselves. I also thought the argument of keeping invasive species out was laughable ( I actually laughed out loud when I read it in the article). Obviously these folks have never fished in there before. It's loaded with gobys and rudd already. Haha!
  2. Good to get out with you yesterday bigugly! We'll have to do it again sometime!
  3. I'm planning on getting out on the water this weekend. Any forecasts of what the river should look like? Satelite imagry shows this end of Erie is locked up with ice still but with the warmer temps I'm sure it will be breaking up and filling the river shortly. I'd prefer to fish the Lower but if it will be full of ice, I may try trolling out on Lake Ontario instead.
  4. Smerch, yes free. I've never given them a dime
  5. Thanks buddy! Looks like you are single handedly keeping NFN alive!
  6. I got mine a couple weeks ago at Grimsby Tackle. Not sure about other tackle shops but you can get licences there. My outdoors card had expired so I just went ahead and bought the 3 year sport licence. I got the printed paper and was told my new outdoors card would come in the mail and since I got the three year licence, that would be printed or stamped on the card itself as well so I won't need to carry a paper around for 3 years. One of the benefits of doing a 3 year I guess. But, it still hasn't come in the mail yet!lol
  7. I haven't been fishing since September and I'm finally free this coming weekend. Going to try and get the boat out and drift from Queenston down to the mouth and maybe try fishing the Bar depending on wind/weather conditions. Not sure what species will be available. I assume there will be some steelhead or browns around and would love to try jigging for lakers. After the thaw this week should I expect muddy conditions? Will it even be worth taking the time to fish there? Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to message me privately. Thank you!
  8. It will be good out there. The lake rolled out last night. 

    Fish on!!

  9. I haven't made a trip north yet this year. I'd made 3 by this time last year...
  10. I have an axe and a machete!
  11. I'm speaking to my insurance company about it. The agent wasn't sure which policy it would fall under as some stuff was in the truck, some was in the boat and it was all in my driveway. My home insurance deductable is $1000 but my boat insurance deductible is only $250. If I get stuck with a $1000 deductible and they end up raising my rates as a result of the claim, then its not worth it and I'll just have to eat the loss. The problem is the result of a lot of things Smerch. Slaps on the wrist, bad parenting, not being "allowed" to spank your kids when they need it etc... Everybody feels entitled and has no more respect for anybody anymore. Makes me sick.
  12. Came out to leave for work yesterday morning. Found someone had gone thru my truck and stole some fishing stuff, a knife or two some change from the cup holders. But what really got me upset was that they stole a bunch of stuff out of the boat as well. They got my G Loomis E6X and Lews BB-1 pro, a St. Croix Eyecon with a Plfugar President XT, one of my soft sided tackle bags full of gear, a landing net. At least $1500 worth of gear. Probably more stuff that I didn't even notice because I was late leaving for work already. Please keep your eyes open on the facebook market place and kijiji. I guess I need to do better at keeping my stuff locked up.
  13. I fished the Lower Niagara for smallmouth yesterday and today. Put 40 in the boat yesterday and about 50 in the boat today. They were hitting tubes and paddletails. Not far from St.Catherine's and great smallie population!
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