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  1. Not short hills.... and no ticks either! Atleast havnt found any yet
  2. Finally... the small stream I fish for brookies hit the magical temp and the fish would start to feed more willingly! I made it out for a few hours before work today because the weather was beautiful! A very nice place to spend a day, a true gem hidden in Southern Ontario! I spent most of my time fishing a small stretch of the stream that is much wider than the rest of the stream. Usually It is no more than a couple feet wide, but this corner is about 10 feet wide or so! Mepps and worms did the trick today. Fished for about 2 hours and managed to bring in about a dozen, missing many more. All fish were released to swim and grow another day. This picture shows about the average size of today's catch.... still dreaming of breaking the 10" mark on this stream! Next up I am hoping to get on a larger stream for trout where I can get out the fly rod, not sure whereabouts yet though!
  3. I'd say smallies, however brookies have been growing on me since I started getting into them last year.
  4. Wow, nice rig ya got there. Cool video as well. Is it hard to stand on it?
  5. Don't overlook this section of the river. You could spend a day going from Caledonia to Cayuga in your kayak, and trust me you'll nail fish. I fish this section often and there is plenty of strong and healthy smallies and some good size walleye as well. My father goes down this stretch often but doesn't stop to fish, instead he just throws about 30 yards of line behind him with a 3" floating rapala and paddles down the river. You wont be dissapointed.
  6. Hey guys In August I am headed out to Vancouver for a wedding. Having never beek there, of course I will want to explore with some fishing. Here is the trip plan so far - Fly to Calgary - Explore the area between Calgary and Vancouver for a week, hopefully do some fishing. (Maybe a guided trip on the bow river?) - after all that aboard the Alaskan Cruise Ship -Stop in juneau and will book a fly in fly fishing trip (can't wait) -Also making stops in Ketchikan and Skagway. ANYWAYS, got some questions. 1) Where would be some good areas to stop along the way to vancouver to fish that is easily accessible? I will have my 5wt rod along with hip waders. 2) I have a day in each port (Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan) Juneau I have already looked after. I don't have enough money to blow on guides in each port and I'm in each port for a full day. Does anyone know if there is any decent fishing I can get to by foot from those towns? 3) I'm assuming the airport will give me trouble about bringing flies on the plane. Anyone had experience with this? Thanks guys I'm extremely excited for the summer ahead! I'll get some great opportunities to fish some areas and for some fish that I have never had the chance to!
  7. snaggy

    Fly Swap

    Hey coachman, you might want to check this fellow out. He sells polar bear 1x1" patches for 2 dollars a piece and he is located in Caledonia. He also has a lot of other tying materials for great prices. http://m.kijiji.ca/fishing-camping-outdoors/hamilton/fly-tying-materials-fly-fishing/v?adId=597957588&ck=CK&from=Search&ts=1428065829097
  8. snaggy

    Fly Swap

    Yes, 1 bass 1 trout (can be steelhead too, really general statement so pretty much anything goes lol) mail them to me along with a self adressed envelope with postage and I will sort. You send in 6 of each pattern and you will not get any of your own back. Once we have one more member I for the swap I will PM you guys my mailing Address.
  9. snaggy

    Fly Swap

    If we're going with the one bass one trout fly idea, I'll tie up a simple yet effecting olive marabou streamer for bass. Smallies on the grand swallowed em up last year. For trout I'll have to think about it as I am not that great at tying g the smaller flies yet. Maybe some elk hair caddis
  10. snaggy

    Fly Swap

    All of those could work. If we only get a few people, what if we all tied up our favourite bass pattern, AND or favourite trout pattern. Then that opens the door and we will all get a wide variety of flies.
  11. Good luck, Saw a decent one pulled put of the grand river today.
  12. snaggy

    Fly Swap

    Added both of you in. What theme are we hoping for? I'm good with anything, I'm assuming most of the guys will want it more towards trout or bass, maybe some sunnies.
  13. snaggy

    Fly Swap

    Okay awesome. Hopefully some others jump in too.
  14. snaggy

    Fly Swap

    Hey guys, Saw that this has happened in the past and now that I am a tier I thought it would be cool to be in one as I could learn and benefit a lot from the way others tie. I was wondering if any of the other fellow NFN'ers would be interested in doing one this spring, I would be willing to be the swapmiester. We could discuss a theme, a due date and all that once we have some interest. Looking for at least 6 people probably. Let me know, Thanks guys!! Members in on Swap 1 - Coachman 2 - Dave C 3 - Gnfshn 4 - Tom S 5 - Schnipster 6 -
  15. Hey guys, after a long busy winter I finally had some free time to start tying flies after my short stint last season. I decided to tie up some buggers and mickey finns as those are my most commonly thrown fly for me for bass on the grand. Feel free to criticize and give me tips, also if anyone knows some good and easy to tie patterns for bass and trout let me know! thanks!
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