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  1. Thanks to everyone who is posting.. I have decided to back away from this boat and keep looking.. Will stay away from force! Biggest problem I have is that I usually fish Erie and Ontario in my friend's dad's 21.5 Triumph CC... Always seem to want more than the budget will allow..
  2. Looking at an 18ft bayliner trophy walk around.. 120hp force.. It is a 1996.. Seller has all papers.. Comes with oars, flares, life jackets, etc.. Has a hummingbird 931c, vhf, and 2 cannon marlin electric downriggers. Galvanized trailer with new tires and brakes.. Asking 8500.. Should be able to make a deal at $7500..
  3. Have been boating and fishing for years but never had my own boat.. Looking to purchase and want to be able to fish Erie and lake o.. Any tips to make sure I don't get screwed when buying before I can test drive??
  4. By my count that is 90!.. Great day!
  5. Great to see the next generation having a great time! All smiles!
  6. Those Pictures are making me hungry....
  7. That is a great fish!
  8. We went to Cutler Lake Lodge this past summer and had a blast.. The prices are extremely reasonable. They have boat rentals for very affordable prices, and a variety of cottages for rent. The resort is between 2 lakes so lots of fishing, and swimming.. We managed a few pike, a few pickerel, and a tonne of bass including a 6.4 lb large mouth! Best fishing trip I have been on in years.. http://www.cutlerlakeresort.com/Home.html The resort is close to Espanola so it is a 5-6 hour drive from here. However, you may want to consider driving to Tobermory, and delighting the kids by taking the ChiChimong ferry across to south baymouth.. only 30 mins from there.?
  9. Headed out to Lake O out of Jordan tomorrow with a bunch of guys looking for salmon. Can someone help point me in the right direction given conditions right now?...... How Deep? Lure selection? I respect that people probably won't want to share all of their secrets, but was hoping to get some input on where to start, then we'll keep on hunting... Hope the rain holds off or it could be a long, wet day!
  10. Looking for any helpful hints that people may have for these lakes near sudbury. I am headed there in July for a fishing weekend in July and hope to target Walleye. Has anyone ever been there? Any tips?
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