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  1. Just moved out here don't really know the area that we'll and I just want to fish
  2. Right on, good luck to em. I'd check out his shop
  3. For Erie you got crystal beach launch, that ones free, berties on point abino road. But that ones 12 bucks I beleive without a membership. And also u have a free launch by Nichols marina on the upper river which leads too Erie. Those are the closest. As for ontario you got the lower river launch in queenston, free. Then you got port weller and port Dalhousie one is 12$ and the other is 15 and those are the closest
  4. The fish are in the weeds and weed lines. Find the weeds drift through and pick a pocket and go dunking. It's fast paced but you nail them. We use a jig and a grub. Fire tiger mister twister to be exact. And if it's slow which usually isn't we dunk the tail in garlic scent. Gets them everytime. Can't wait to get up there an out on the water Trolling works too but not so much this time of year cuz there's still in te weeds and u can't really troll through weeds. But trolling te weed lines might pay off.
  5. The gf and I are headed to the aunt and uncles cottage on rice laker for walleye opener have gone the last 3 years and did really well, limits everyday not including throw backs( under or over slot size) Just wondering if anyone else is going for the long weekend
  6. Thats like saying you should take your hitch off so that you are able to receive as much damage as the car who rear ended you for following to closely. It's the tailgaters fault , shouldn't be doing that anyways the hitch has nothing to do with it.
  7. I've never heard of that. Mine as well is always on
  8. As for bait you can use anything from minnow immataions to live minnows, roe, yarn, and pink worms. But this time of year I find minnow immataions and live minnows work best because that is what they are feeding on now that the minnows are out and about
  9. A foot and a half leader doesn't leave much room for split shots. I would run a 6 foot leader with split shots spaced about 4 inches apart and leaving your last split shot about a foot away from your hook. I also recomend a slip float with bobber stops above and under your float for easy adjustment. Been using this set up for trout for years and I swear by it. But im sure you will get other opinions after that it's up to you to do some trial and error and see what you like and what works beat for you
  10. Welcome to the forum buddy. Enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to ask questions and post outing results, pictures, opinions etc... And share and receive tips and other information
  11. Aaah bummer, not what I wanted to hear but won't stop me from getting out and givin her a shot non the less. Thanks for the info tho guys!
  12. Has anyone fished the upper lately from shore? Is it fishable, and is anything still biting? Thanks guys appreciate the info looking to get out this weekend
  13. Great idea. I'll take atleast one Actually 2 one for the boat too
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