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  1. Careful who you go with to clean them, a friend went with a service he found in the valpak and some random guy with a standard vacuum cleaner showed up... Didn't do much of a job I guess
  2. I had one crawling on me last week, I was hiking the beaverdams area with my dog. She seemed to get away without any
  3. i was down there a while back and saw an old guy pull the biggest carp ive ever seen out of there. He might have been small in stature (i was a ways away) but when he held it up it was almost the size of him.
  4. i caught a good sized drum last summer with one eye. The other was blown out pretty disgustingly
  5. sounds like an awesome set up
  6. i agree with river guide, you dont necessarily need the kayak specific rack as long as you have the base. My wilderness sits securely on my rack face up and i feed the straps through the scupper holes. You can always get the kayak rack add on after the fact if you don;t like your yak flush. My dad has one and puts a big 16' two man yak on it no problems
  7. you could try for a drag chain type anchor or a stake out pole. an inexpensive stake out pole can be made by cutting off the cup from a golf ball retriever. They retract pretty small for storage and the aluminum tubing is strong enough to hold. The drag chain draws off of the sock idea whereas instead of stopping yourself, youre just slowing your drift to keep you in a spot longer. Or get a kayak with a rudder
  8. what are the bait rules like? catfish baits can get pretty wild
  9. if you go with a SOT I'd suggest a stand up strap to help getting up. You can buy a yak with one or install your own.
  10. shopping for some strike king ochos in baby bass

  11. i agree with Joe on the lews speed spool, for its price its a dynamite reel and Peters is offering them this summer.
  12. to this day ive always drained my frogs every few casts, never thought they were supposed to be full of water haha... good call ricky
  13. I wonder what the guy from that videos doing now... Go that long with a goal to have it taken away like that.. gotta be rough
  14. Can't wait till spring

    1. smerchly


      40 days & 40 nights away.....

    2. devron88


      still way too many haha @smerchly

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