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  1. I would love to see it Smerch. I would even be willing to pay more for my fishing license to support it. There just doesn't seem to be any interest in enforcing it to protect our access and environment. Education and changing peoples attitudes has been the focus and I agree to some degree that has worked but for the rest they only respond to repercussions for their actions. We both have probably carried a ton of garbage out of there over the years and it continues to accumulate. I applaud the person that put the garbage bins in and try's to manages those because
  2. Your right Tyler the canal typically fishes better until it warms up a bit more. That spot has produced numerous fish though and always a mixed bag even when trying to only catch carp, I always get cats or sheephead taking the bait too. Once the carp action heats up having 3 rods out is going to be pandemonium.
  3. That's awesome I would love to hear what they say. The last time I spoke with someone from the marina was in 2017 or 2018 I believe. They asked everyone fishing to remove their cars from the dirt parking lot. They were having issues with the hotel not liking the boat trailers parked in their lot and wanted them parked in the dirt section, which we were told belongs to the marina. I just moved my car over the hotel lot and the marina owner didn't have issues with us continuing fishing. I'm sure there is some folks here that remember the old Campbells Marina, was before m
  4. rab546

    Port weller

    I walk my dog out along the spit quite often and have seen people fishing both on the canal side and lake side. Whether it's allowed or not I'll let someone more familiar with the regulations for that area answer. The people I have spoken with were catching carp. bass and panfish. I've always thought about trying fishing there but never gotten around to it yet. if I'm in the area I end up at either Dalhousie or Niagara and seem to forget about it.
  5. Thanks Tyler, we appreciate you finding out and letting us know.
  6. Signed, Although I don't fish the pier any access that we can help avoid losing we should all stand together to help prevent because it could be your favorite spot next. So much access has already disappeared in the last 20 years and will continue to do so.
  7. yes that is definitely a Rudd. I find them a real good looking fish but they are an invasive species so.... They were fun to fish for in the creeks/ponds back in the UK.
  8. Congratulations Jordan, the trout have been elusive for me. Gone out every other weekend with nothing to show for it, glad there are still some out there.
  9. Mike your posts always give me the itch to get out after them. Glad you got into some action. I haven't had much luck over the hot summer months but enjoy this time of year when the runs can come fast and furious.
  10. Great time of year to get out after them. When they are trying to fatten up to get through winter the bite can be awesome. Keep at it lots of big fall fatties will be getting caught soon.
  11. I finally got down to the river to float worms for the bass this week and had a real good day. But my rod doesn't look anywhere near so beautiful. Awesome build Cplummer can only dream to have something like that in my arsenal.
  12. we were just asked to not park our vehicles on the gravel side of the parking lot and leave those spaces open for vehicles with boat trailers.Instead to park on the tarmac side.Also that signs will be posted to inform everyone that this parking restriction will be enforced. Nobody wants to come back from fishing and their car is towed, so thought I should let everyone know. As smerch and a few other members frequently fish there.
  13. Still enjoying the carp fishing and looking forward to some plump fall fatties. Then going to try for some salmon this year as I've never caught one. Then bring on the brown trout run! Wont take much to twist my arm and get a couple of outings for pike either.
  14. I normally get mine from Centerpin angling. Hopefully this year I can get a salmon
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