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  1. Sorry I can't help but I am curios as to how you plan to mount the motor. I know there are some pricey mounts out there
  2. Fantastic video . Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very sweet steelie Yakfish. Let me know when you would like some company out there. I could use a few pointers as I am new to the kayak fishing scene.
  4. nice. would be great to see how your yak is rigged up for this if you have any pics.
  5. I'd like to try it out as well. I am thinking a good place to start would be off of long point somewhere. I believe some of the guides head out of that area. maybe someone else with more experience can share some info. I am looking at the map and I would think the bays to the left of turkey point look fishy as well... and safe for the yak. not sure though. wondering how deep it is in that area and if there is easy access.
  6. anyone have experience using the WS commander or jackson Kilroys ?
  7. Sit on tops seem like lots of fun for the ability to stand up but when theres a bit of chop on the water and in cooler temps isnt it preferable to be inside of a cockpit ? Or perhaps mire concern that a sit in could flood ? That being said it seems to me like the yaks with a closed pit have less space to put a tackle box / bag , finder unit etc. just my thoughts but im interested to hear what someone with more experience has to say.
  8. will outdoors oriented be running this again for 2015.
  9. Good info thank you. I was actually thinking of the ride 135 as there are lots of great reviews on it. Sail is very close to my work so I popped in this week. Trouble is its in lime green. That price change is significant. Hopefully find a fair priced 2014 that I like.
  10. Just noticed there is a boat show in Hamilton this weekend. I plan on checking it out on Saturday morning. I was hoping to see a lot of kayaks in one place but can't really tell from the website if there will be any exhibitors for non-motorized other than Zodiac. Anyone know ?
  11. Right on. Well done. Is thisu sually a relatively safe ice fishing spot come January ?
  12. Nice scenery. Any other pics to share guys.
  13. Already jealous of the good times you have coming up.
  14. Boys I hope you have an excellent trip and lots of good stories to bring back. I unfortunately have some other stuff going on this weekend.
  15. seems like there are good steelhead reports for the mid to lower sections of the river. any chance its not going to be a gong show on a weekend in Pulaski during the salmon run are you boys planning to pay to fish the private section ?
  16. Mustangs are sold at Sail in Burlington. It will be closer than le baron and they have plenty of sizes. Maybe call first. Or you can wait until bass pro opens in Niagara in November. I'll be there acting like a kid in a candy store when they do.
  17. If they allowed people to volunteer as c.o.'s would anyone sign up? I wonder if that's ever been considered by mnr.
  18. Good post Dave. Absolutely worth spending the money when a company stands behind their product. Waders I think are all doomed to fail eventually so it's more or less an insurance cost....some companies make good on insurance while others weasel out of paying you when you're in need. . I was a bit disappointed when raven changed their policy and now charge to replace a rod section but the reduced fee is still better than the cost of the rod.
  19. Hoping to make it out too. Keep me in the loop R... Shnip. David maybe carpool from Stoney c if I can make it ? Don't bring anything banned from USA this time.
  20. Can you share the name and location of all this ? and which Tuesday ?
  21. unfortunate to hear. i saw a couple guys looking at my car when i parked at whirlpool a few weeks back and thought.. . how would i ever even hear my alarm go off while i'm down there. i was happy to see no damage by the time i got back in the afternoon. hopefully we all keep an eye out for each other and immediately report if we see any foul play going on with the vehicles.
  22. thanks for the ice update bigugli. any idea if any safe ice on martindale pond ?
  23. LMAO. this is a good analogy and very true. i made friends with some guys there that provided some tips - but i am pretty sure they still held back some information. I had one bite after multiple days of trying. .... and still lost that fish. i think it will come down to watching what other people are doing and then trial and error.
  24. to everyone for posting. Lots of good info here.
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