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  1. Just adding some life to the ole' forum lol
  2. i said it before and i will say it again. 9ft 6wt rod will do everything shy of stripers and tarpon. i ave caugh 10lbs steel to pecker speckles....one rod....you will collect more sadly however to begin with this rig will take you to the promised land.
  3. last one..... if you catch a boot please dont say it was a hard strike....its called flossing, we all want to believe the dying, wanna make babies, last leg of life, semi rotted zombies we catch are agressively feeding down the green mile however...we all know this is a fallacy. PS join us on the water brother..between dave c and myself you will surely catch something and a few tips. at minimum piss your pants laughing.
  4. the help is always solid in this forum and freely given...ask us where we catch our fish and you may be on the wrong side of an internet war....lol we ask that you adhere to a few rules please. and this goes for anyone that needs a refresher. 1. no asking anyone here about rivers, lakes, ponds, drainage ponds, koi ponds or any other productive body of water. 2. absolutely no center pinning or spin fishing will be undertaken or discussed as an active memeber of ths fly only forum 3. downrigging makes you a bad person 4.wooly buggers and san juan worms are
  5. happy birthday homie....nice egg wagon
  6. earplugs stay on all night long...and unlike popular belief the fish do not know the difference..you can catch (snag) them on a cigarette butt...after all...here we go...its not a strike its a floss hahahaha
  7. might add that i caught it on a pink ear plug with a 9lbs weight underneath...something else i cannot bring myself to doing any longer. the fish came out of the water looking like i mixed the whites with the colors in the wash..belly was all tore up..tail looked like an old piece of romaine lettuce. fish faught like a prize fighter. those were my pinning/bottom bouncing/didnt know better days of fishing. now i toss hand tied clumps of fur and feathers at fish and even the 6 inchers bring me more joy than any tanker ever could. PS the pink earplug is a fact before i hear it from the
  8. 23 lbs egg wagon....chinook that is....was in full football gear and a polive escort in port hope during the annual carnage. also my last trip there due to the complete insanity and poor fish handling practices.
  9. i second dave c comments.only catch is..if you are allergic to boiled eggs... comps are great...i too am a memeber of the club, big dave brought me in under the pro category. It has been nothing but gold medals since day one..lol look forward to some new faces on the rivers and lakes.....
  10. crazy communists at it again eh... for those of you that have had the pleasure of enjoying a nature filled peaceful outing at burts dam during the salmon apoclyps my my next question will not surpride you...how do they determin the differnce between this and the people there during business hours with tarpon hooks and downrigging rods....
  11. and remember no matter what happens we seem to let people get away with this kind of stuff...i believe that arsehole that killed that lion is still operating and making money....
  12. i might yet again rub someone the wrong way by saying this but..it was mentioned that the employess should not be held resposible for what this prick did...well if you watch the video it clearly shows someone holding someones pet whilst the good dr proceeds to beat the dog over the head...i know some will say its about a paycheck..people need to survive so they overlook stuff that happens like this..i disagree..that woman holding the dog is as responsible as the the shitehead hitting the dog...
  13. bow man..PM me...hiting that area this weekend....
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