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  1. Uninterrupted travel outside Canadian waters If you leave and re-enter Canadian waters without interruption, you do not have to: no report to the CBSA follow mandatory quarantine requirements use ArriveCAN This includes leisure and touring, including pleasure fishing, sightseeing and other discretionary purposes (known as loop movements) Whether this applies to current covid protocol (PCR or NATT tests) is open to interpretation. Without interruption, as I understand it, means one cannot moor, anchor or tie up to another water craft while in American waters.
  2. What is the online site to purchase this pass?
  3. Petersaban….all fish taken on Canadian side. Saw many boats crossing boundary however. Mostly boaters out for a ride except on the bar where anglers crossed border into their home waters. USCG not out on patrol.
  4. Do not eat fish. Normally, it is catch and release unless fish is bleeding. Actually, I do not think I would eat any fish from the Niagara…hear too much about pollutants entering from American side. I have yet to see any kayakers fishing any of the drifts. Usually, drifting needs to be controlled, hence the use of bow mount electrics.
  5. Well the lower River proved to be its worth as one of the finest fisheries in the province. All told we were able to catch and release over 25+ fish. Sadly I only contributed 1 lowly bass to the mix. My son had the hot hand staying simple, maximizing out using an old CC silver jigging spoon and an original #8 Rapala Shad Rap. I on the other hand threw every thing and every technique at them and got nada in comparison. We fished 3 flats and 3 drifts in depths 15 to 25 feet from Queenston to the mouth. My son managed over 20 walleye - all good eaters - with perch, smallies and sheepies thrown in. The walleye followed a pattern we have noticed on the River…they amass on simple structure…so once found sit on them and enjoy. In fact, my son closed in on double figures in less than 45 mins. Though my production was poor…still a great day being on the Niagara fishing with my son….I’ll be back.
  6. Definitely the FG knot. Check out YouTube for easy to tie FG knot applications. There are several. All work well.
  7. Freedom and rights come with responsibilities and right now IMO the factor in all of this is a pandemic which has only gotten worse because too many people tend to think of only themselves. If we followed proper protocols - mask wearing, social distancing , non essential cross regional travelling, limited gathering - a good many activities could still continue, but it appears we are not willing to do that. Try to see the bigger picture in all of this. This stage of the pandemic is far worse than the first when we seemed more willing to follow severe protocols, so why do we whine and wane during a stage that is much more contagious even affecting younger age groups? ,
  8. To put a burning question(s) to rest.......who actually owns the rock barrier wall constructed to enclose the Beacon marina? Stories/rumours if you wish, told of a government project to aid in developing more recreation facilities similar to what was rumoured about the extension of the outlet to the lake from Forman’s marina. To add to the controversial issue, what is the legality to prohibiting fishing to boats entering from the lake into the Beacon marina? This venue, and Jordan Harbour for a time, were prime spots for a few bass tournaments held around the lake!
  9. Between your 2 choices I would choose the Navionics +. Though similar problems to what Fish Farmer attested to, frequent updates to the original card have made my decision to keep the Navionics+ operative.
  10. Similar happenings on the Forty. Son suggested a possible salt/acidity problem. Talked with a mar researcher who commented on saline numbers are up on many Northern L. Ontario streams.
  11. Thanks for all the great info. Truly appreciated. Hope to tackle some channel cats this week!
  12. Would like to get some cat fishing in. Any reports on same re. Jordan Harbour and/or Dunnville would be appreciated.
  13. Berkley trilene fluorocarbon is just plain terrible. On the other hand, the BP fluorocarbon line, IMO, is extremely good.
  14. Here are some other techniques u might want to try - jerk baits, spinnerbaits, swim baits, spy baits, and jigging spoons. It is critical to also have a good electric motor to keep you on fish when you find them and to control your drifting. Look for counter drifts and fish the the edges of the drifts. Finally, at this time of the year smallies have a tendency to move to the mouth of the river. Trolling crank baits both east and west of the mouth in the 15 to 20 foot depths especially over the humps on the American side can produce some hefty catches. Be warned, however, that muskies roam this area too. Be prepared for some bitten off lures.
  15. Equal amounts of boiled water, corn meal and flour work well also. Adding flavour like vanilla only enhances the bait!
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