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  1. Don't let the door hit you on the way out....
  2. Are you kidding??? The MNR and cops are afraid to go down there. LOL
  3. Port Hope has been getting better. The shietshow upstream will end on the 30th. Water temps are dropping, fishing is improving. Skien bite is starting to heat up. The town cops have been out showing themselves in full force this year to put an end to the barrage of non ethical people ( I can't call them fishermen as they aren't anglers). Over 65 charges have been laid in the past 3 weeks. 40 of them fishing related. They are making a difference! Best charges to date: 1 man charged for no fishing license @ 7AM. Same man charged for no fishing license @ 11:30AM, fishing rod confiscated. Same man again charged for no fishing license, 3 remaining rods and all fishing tackle forfeited to the crown and another ticket for no fishing license. 3 Quebec Residents charged for camping on town property. Same 3 charged several hours later for drinking other than residence. Same 3 charged for disturbance later that night. One man was so drunk and belligerent, the police took him into custody. The other guy didn't think it was right so he argued with the cop and he too was taken into custody. The lady packed up all the crap they had and drove up to the police station to get her friends out of jail the next morning. She got charged for impaired driving!
  4. Great video Jim. Definitely no shortage of zebra mussels and Gobies!
  5. Sounds like you are having a blast! Just where abouts is this Deer lake?
  6. The little bass turds. Can't they hack the government files and clear my income tax instead? Geesh......
  7. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will get rid of him for the entire weekend!
  8. Very generous offer Cliff. I hope whoever you pick, represents you well. As you stated, being a "pro staffer" is not what many people think. "Pro" does not stand for Professional, it stands for PROMOTIONAL. There are several people on this forum who would fit this bill nicely. A great working relationship will form provided both parties are willing to take criticism and grow with it. As you stated, honesty is the highest platform you need to attain. It's a nice feeling for a company to step up to the next level! Good luck with your next stage of business! Cheers...
  9. That is a great looking fly Dave. Are you actually casting these or are you flat lining behind the kayak? Cheers, Ron...
  10. Many moons ago, (20 some odd years), I took my 2 daughters to a father/daughter fishing tournament. The only entries were my 2 daughters and myself. I got 2 trophies made up, 1 for the biggest fish and 1 for the most fish. At the end of the days fishing, I took 2 milk crates out of the back of the truck, got them to stand on the crates as I presented each of them their very own trophy. The look on their faces was priceless! Both of them were so proud of their trophy. In fact, my youngest daughter, 7 at the time, took the trophy to school to show off to everyone on how well she did fishing with her Dad!
  11. It has to be on the worst day of the year. Why why why would they hold it on trout opener? There are more than just hard core muskie anglers out there you know. I am a multi species angler and will be damned if I miss out on trout opener. Too bad i say, their loss.
  12. Golden Beach Cottages on Rice Lake. Very kid oriented, Lots to do, trails, swimming pool, shuffle board, banquet hall....
  13. I was fishing the mouth of a small creek. The guys upstream saw me catch a couple fish and decided they wanted in on the action. The tried to grease me out by slipping in between me and the current. Easy cure for that was just cast over their lines and brought in a big hair ball of 4 floats, including mine. Cut my line and retied. Did it the second time, they cursed me out and told me to learn how to cast. I replied they should learn about fishing etiquette. I retied, waited for them to cast once again, they realized what i was going to do and left. Ahhh, I fish to relax and to get away from the hustles and bustles of life. However it was nice to stoop to their level and vent some rage. Man it felt good! LOL
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