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  1. We used to see them at a cottage we rented just north of Huntsville.
  2. There is a hollow star at the right side near the top when your on a site . Click on the star then choose bookmark bar. next time you log in that will appear at the top. The sites that you bookmark will appear ina horizontal line across the top. When the top is full the remainder will be seen in a vertical list going down the right side of your screen. Hope this helps
  3. I'm sure curious is correct when he states that Legend boats have a lifetime warranty.
  4. Looks like a great set up !
  5. Like Gunner I've eaten them in the spring, but released them in the summer.
  6. Merry Christmas to all !
  7. Cheap reels always have too much room between the spool and the back plate and will be a constant pain because your line is going to get behind the spool. Stay away.
  8. You had better tell her or expect some bad Karma.
  9. They provide each angler with a measuring stick, similar to your measuring trough, and a picture of the fish is taken while it's being measured. They tally the total for up to 3 fish,total lengh, to determine the winner.
  10. There arre likely more fish in the river now than back in the seventies, but there are many more fishermen trying for them.
  11. It's a shame that some of the youth today spend most of their time playing video games or staring at their phones and not developing an appreciation of nature and how to respect the land and what it has to offer. It's our duty to teach this to our grandchildren and children.
  12. I've seen many outfits lost from piers when a passing boat catches onto a line and pulls everything into the drink.
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