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  1. Check out the 79th street boat ramp on YouTube. 8 lanes on the ramp and some crazy mishaps. A guy is making a living filming and posting!
  2. Some great info shared in this post! Sure shortens the learning curve for folks that have never tried them.
  3. Kwikfish/Flatfish have been a super bait for many years. Either swung across the current or just standing above a hole and slowly dropping it back. Start at the head of the pool and raise your rod tip while pulling out 2' at a time. Let it wiggle for 10 seconds and repeat till your bait gets to the back of the pool. Hold on! When they hit it can be alarming! Colors are for the fisherman, IMO. These are aggravation lures which attempt to push the fish out of its holding spot. Thats why the strikes are so violent. Also very good fished on three way swivels with weight on the dropper line from a boat.
  4. Leader to mainline- Triple surgeons mainline to swivel -Trilene. doing it this way for 40 years. Never failed yet
  5. Here’s some info that might help Registrant LURE-KING INC. Box 894 Streetsville Postal Station Mississauga L5M 2G4 ONTARIO Current owner L.K. SPECIALTIES INC., UNIT 36, 1435 BONHILL ROAD, MISSISSAUGA, L5T 1V2 ONTARIO Representative for service BLANEY MCMURTRY LLP Suite 1500 2 Queen Street East Toronto ONTARIO M5C 3G5
  6. WE used to just drop a fish with a line through the gills in the water after the fillets had been taken off. Tie it to a stick and come back in the morning. Pull it up and pluck the leeches attached. Didn't always work but often enough.
  7. Great article! Thanks
  8. I'm a centerpin fisherman. I'm also over 70. Once the weather gets down to 3C I wear cheap $6 fleece gloves, I also put the adhesive backed toe warmers in the gloves stuck on the palm. I put them in the gloves up to 1 hour before I fish, because they typically last at least 4 hours, and usually 5. This works for me right down to about -3C, after that I don't fish. Yes wearing gloves might make you miss a bite, but at least you are out there trying, which in my book is better than sitting at home, wishing you had gone. Costco has the toe warmers by the box for less than $15, and they last me for spring and fall. The gloves I get a Walmart or CTC.
  9. MNRF has now provided an updated version of the 2019 regs:https://www.ontario.ca/document/onta...wUduA1hwSZ5M9I
  10. I honestly think that common sense and government agencies are far different concepts. What you posted seems reasonable but who knows until the crap hits the fan?
  11. There are many former popular fishing websites that are now very slow. J. Collinas being a prime one. Social media has taken over. Would people be willing to pay for this one to be worthwhile? I doubt it. Would I personally? No. I am Admin on a site that has all the Floatfishing reel builders in Ontario and US on it as well as Float builders, and many rod builders, and it is basically dead. Sign of the times, and great in it's day, but sad to say things are moving on. I've enjoyed being here for many years, and have contributed when I had information to share, whatever the topic. A wise decision Cliff, in spite of the pain it brings. That's my 2 cents.
  12. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45142 Looks good to me!
  13. Matches the colour of Hamilton Bay which is a swamp of algae, weeds, and foul smelling water. Glad I'm not a fish that has to swim in that!
  14. Like Smerch says, Walker releases were the cats azz back in the day. For less than $10, it was a release that never failed. Garage sale only find now, I guess.
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