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    WalleyeChaser reacted to cplummer in Lake Simcoe. Anyone???   
    May have to wait till first week of Jan
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    WalleyeChaser got a reaction from smerchly in Oil Spray   
    Place in welland across from bowling alley does for $99... I prefer fall too 
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to Tyler0420 in State side   
    It’s was probably the best outting at a newer trib that ive  ever had.  Everything was just perfect yesterday. 
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to Tyler0420 in State side   
    Fished an Erie trib today. Weather was perfect and so was the water conditions.  Quite a few fish around. I went 3/7. Can’t believe I lost the first four fish. Other guys were losing them also so I don’t feel so bad.  The fight is the best part anyways. Best part was I didn’t have to move all day besides up and down the bank a little bit. 

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    WalleyeChaser reacted to Lund-SS in Electric Fillet Knifes   
    I just got the new bubba lithium cordless knife and I love it . Always had the ol mr.twister one before but this knife blows it away . Its quiet ,sharp I did 70 perch on 1 battery with power to spare . Its expensive but loving it so far . I bought the american angler and returned it asap and kept using my Mr.twister 
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to smerchly in Post Election Discussion   
    I used to vote "strategically "  , that is vote for the party most likely to beat the incumbent that you wish to be ousted , but the newly elected party reneged on their "promises" .
    Today I heard on the news hydro rates are going up in Ontario ......another promise broken  . This , of course will cause all prices to go up including food . EV drivers take note .  lol
    Complaining falls on deaf ears .......until  they revamp the voting system , and they may someday ,  I will not waste my time voting for someone I don't trust .
    The billionaires of this world are the ones who call the shots . 
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to marth11 in Post Election Discussion   
    I voted, I voted for the party who platform best aligned with my views which lost their lone seat lol, but yeah there hasn't been a real good candidate in a while.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to Snags in Post Election Discussion   
    Firstly I did vote.  Secondly I am not happy with the results.
    The unfortunate thing is how any political debates has turned into name calling and slinging mud.  Because of that it is so hard to find proper information on the parties.  I saw tons of articles pushed through on Facebook from different friends supporting one party, half of them were from sites that have no credibility and made my preferred party seem to enjoy eating the hearts of newborn babies while making their candidate seem like they sh!# rainbows.
    Unfortunately there is no reporting that is done without a political party spin/push so to read anything unbiased is impossible.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to mooseslayer in Archery moose hunt and Big buck   
    I have had this buck on my trail camera for a month but all at night until last week when he showed up twice just before 7pm.

    I didn't hunt that stand until Saturday morning because the wind was wrong and I didn't want to mess it up. The trailcam showed he had come in that morning 5am and 7:29 the night before...after legal time. Saturday was cool and breezy and I had a feeling he might move early. Sure enough...6  turkeys walked by about 6pm and then I heard a noise and wondered if they were coming back but it was the big guy. He walked by at 20 yards and the Bowtech Reign 7 doesn't miss. It was a quick find before dark and then a bit of a walk back to the truck to get my toboggan. I managed to field dress him and get him in the toboggan and out to the trail but it was tough. Drove my Blazer in close and loaded him in. Wouldn't have been able to do it without the toboggan.
    Here he is ...


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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in Live report   
    We also got nothing but gobies over at 
    point albino, we found the perch right in front of P.C last time we were out. 
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    WalleyeChaser got a reaction from smerchly in Live report   
    I did not unfortunately 
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to mooseslayer in Archery moose hunt and Big buck   
    There are lots of videos online. My brother showed me once 20+ years ago and now I've done dozens of moose, deer and bear...probably over 100 animals. I debone everything... so I take backstraps (yum) , then 2 front shoulders come off easily and are cut up and chunk for ground, stew or sausage/burgers/meatballs.  I will often have big bags vacuum sealed in freezer of chunks and at the end of deer season I will take them out and grind them, buy some ground pork and make up and my burgers etc and vacuum seal them. I go through a lot of vacuum sealer bags and buy them a couple thousand at  a time to get a good deal and have lots brothers and friends who want them as well. The 2 hind quarters you can basically separate the muscle groups and see the roasts and steaks. We even started keeping the ribs a few years ago and this year I kept some bones and cut them up to make soup broth.

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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in perch   
    Let us know how u make out
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in perch   
    we didn't go over to abino, we tried in between port and sherkston where we were getting them while trolling for walleye. planning to go to the gas wells next time a try again.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in Lake conditions this morning   
    No perch, after I pulled up a walleye we changed it up and went back to trolling ended the day with 11. Maybe next time for perch.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in perch   
    Planning for tomorrow, will let u know how we do.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in Eyes on the lake   
    Thanks Chris, if u can let us know if it flattens that would be much appreciated 
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    WalleyeChaser got a reaction from Limey in Bit of advice please...   
    I'd just jig... mister twisters or swim baits.. minnows..worms... leeches.... maybe a vibrato or some jigging raps
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in Just wondering?   
    We were out today the lake flattened right down at around 11 - 11:30. Got first lines in the water at 9:50 had a two man limit by 12:30. Hated to leave the conditions were near perfect! By the way this was out of P.C. From 74 fow out to 83 fow. Tomorrow is looking great again.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in Lake conditions?   
    Got 12 by 2 0’clock, hoping for a repeat tomorrow.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to Chrisb in Lake conditions?   
    I hope you made it out because the lake laid right down to glass right now.
    I headed out about 9:30. I ended up with three fish.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to Chrisb in wind & waves today   
    A bit late but the wind is picking up from the SW.There are white caps now.
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in wind & waves today   
    morning all, is anybody able to give a live eye repot on the lake this morning? windfinder is reporting wnw going to nw? wondering if its fishable? 
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to curious in Today’s report   
    The fog had pretty much lifted by time we went out, we ended up with 6. Stayed right in front of port colborne and trolled from 57 fow to 72. 
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    WalleyeChaser reacted to Chrisb in Today’s report   
    No report as I was out fishing. It was very foggy but calm. Wind is now starting to pick up from the SW.
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