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  1. Been seeing lots of coyotes down there have an eye
  2. Maybe desperate to see his family in USA. Not everyone was as lucky as some of us
  3. Hey found something at the whirlpool parking lot. Looking for Wojcinch Halas he or she should be 30 years old. THanks best way to contact me is 905 730 9756 shoot me a text.
  4. Hey guys doing a trip with my buddy up to the east arm of opeono lake in a canoe. Looking to get some lakers but as its the mide of summer not sure how to entice them. Figured big jigs and such and hard jigs in deep water but what about canoe trolling g is that to slow also anyone selling a minn kota on the cheap or trade. Thanks let me know.
  5. I have had a similar issue with this guy he actually follower my lure cause he said he though it was a broken off one and when he came up I mentioned how dumb he was for not looking out for himself and the fact he had no buddy system or buy or flag active drift active boat launch active dock only a matter of time.
  6. Dont worry Jim we know the idiot at queenston isn't you cause I see you use a bouy line well diving he does not and keep in mind he does so at an active drift and a active boat launch he's a gem
  7. Did some one say jerkbaits good luck
  8. Turtle boom is a great sign for our waters
  9. Over 15 km sw or south is not fun
  10. My favorite time of year when the Toronto people stay don't come to the niagara anymore. #argossuck #didhereallyjusthashtag
  11. Helix 5 with gps cheap awesome affective. If you want a bigger screen the 7 is awesome too
  12. Cliff if you still have my cell text me some pics of the rod please if you don't then pm me and I'll give it to you
  13. I'd like to add that all distance is great it will not be nearly as important as accuracy
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