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  1. Awesome hybrid kayak and stand up paddle board for sale. This one if a kind "cruiserboard" was purchased last year online for $2800 from a small manufacturer in Florida and at the time of purchase it was the only one in Canada. Since purchase I have updated the seat and added some rigging making it the perfect fishing machine. The board is the perfect bridge between a kayak and SUP with unsurpassed stability, speed, comfort and manoeuverablity. The hull is made from a composite plastic/fiberglass material that is both extremely strong and very light. See it in action here. https://youtu.be/wA_zgZ7XK08 Contact me if interested, I am asking $800 or best offer. don't let this unique boat get away.
  2. Could have been mine when I tipped my kayak.
  3. Single handed is easy, easier than switch or spey. You already know what a rod feels like when it's loading, that's the biggest hurdle in my opinion. Next comes timing and casting stroke and then you're pro. Casting a #5 compared to a #9 though, very different. Meet me on the river one day, I'll bring my #8/9 with a double taper line and let you swing it around. Feels good roll casting with the dt line.
  4. I had an experience today that was both aggravating and very mesmerizing. I was swinging flies downstream from the mouth of whitemans creek this afternoon and getting nothing when a decent hatch of small caddis started around 4pm and I saw two very large trout lips begin to breach the surface and feed not 20feet in front of me. I slowly reeled in my switch line, removed the sink tip and large intruder fly and started to look through my steelhead fly box which seemed to be the exact opposite of what I was looking for. I racked my brain to think of what I had. I tried a small wooly bugger on the swing, didn't work, dead drift my smallest Salmon fly, nope. I even tried skating an unweighted tube fly. Nadda. The fish just continued rising methodically right in front of me for another 20 minutes, picking off little bugs to his left and right. So many for him to choose from, yet he was feeding so selectively that I could have tapped him on the nose with my fly and he'd reject it like it was cheap wine. I think in the future I'm going to bring a couple dries just in case.
  5. It's this Indian summer. So dry. I haven't tried the credit yet this year. Usually I wait until the salmon redneck rodeo is done before I try it. Not really good swinging water but some great pools and pocket water for nymphing. I'm getting really tired of getting skunked, I might switch back to Bass for a couple weeks just so I can get the smell of fish back on my hands.
  6. I wanted that rod so bad! The grand has been strange this year. Small numbers past the dam. Most other guys swinging flies haven't had a fish yet this season. I'm one of them. It sucks. Lol
  7. Just got home from the grand in Brantford. Definitely not on fire anymore. Chocolate
  8. Go to Bass pro and check out their regal knockoff. I've jumped from one cheap vise to the next over and over again and this is the best cheap vice I've tried. I wish I knew the name but it's got the lever opener for the jaws and a big hook groove. Also, it's only $50 if I'm remembering correctly.
  9. I'm going to be the devils advocate on this one but isn't it a little redundant to the lower Niagara thread? Both are lake Ontario tributaries, they are 20 km apart, and both are part of the same watershed for the most part. Most of the reports for the Niagara would apply to port as well. Just my two cents. If you want to have a port dalhousie conditions, why not just make a " lake Ontario tributary" thread and have stickies for the various Rivers. Niagara, credit, Bronte, port, etc.
  10. I asked a guy yesterday. He said the raffle was being done@3. Frig.
  11. Tips helped a ton brother. Went to the whitemans creek mouth to try. Nice clarity there and it was a little hidden from the wind. I was able to put your advice to work. I think the tip you gave me was a little light because I couldn't hit bottom at all. I'll be back tomorrow for the raffle. It's supposed to be at 3. Fingers crossed I win that $1000 reel. Lol
  12. It took me till day 7 to realize that if I just cast a small shrimp fly at dawn around the beach at my resort I'd get into good fish. (Bonefish, small permit, etc) the beginning of the trip I was spin fishing with hair jigs from piers and cliffs and only catching junk fish. I did a fishing excursion through my resort but it was bull. Me and some dude in a dingy bait fishing with little pieces of shrimp for panfish. Waste of an afternoon. Do you fly fish? Do you want to learn? If so, pre book a guide before you leave,lots to choose from in the varadero area. The internet is a great tool, get researching. Enjoy your trip.
  13. I'll be there on the Sunday. See everyone there.
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