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  1. That post weirded me out! I had to check your profile to see if you were a friend of mine. I'll admit to using my socks on one or two occasions. When you're somewhere like the whirlpool, what else are you going to do when there aren't any leaves on the trees?
  2. Put your phone away and enjoy nature! haha Best of luck with the fishing
  3. Backyard bunny hunting is the best! I try it quite often at my in-laws. I see them always when I haven't brought my bow or gun. When either is with me, no bunnies. Isn't that just the way it goes?
  4. Half shells, half full-bodied (but these are lower quality). And no layout blinds unfortunately. We usually arrive early and throw together some natural cover. We've had some luck setting up at the edge of standing corn near the cut corn. And sometimes we set up at the edge of the field and use a ditch. My friend made a sort of ground blind but it's questionable at best. I've been thinking that maybe a layout blind is a better investment before more decoys, but neither are in the near future. My next buy is going to be a new float fishing rod, and sometimes I wonder why I got into both hunting
  5. The picture reminds me of my favourite pier perch spot. But now that's a 3 hour drive from me. I envy you!
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. As it stands, I'm leaning more toward the following: 1) Raven IM8 14' 3-piece rod 2) Rainshadow blank custom build Any final words to help push me one way or the other?
  7. Okay thanks for the info. I realized recently that my targeting of browns had been limited to the spring/summer months. I wanted to start targeting them in the fall, then realized I didn't even know when the run starts haha.
  8. You fish the IM8? Any complaints, or would you recommend it? I have heard good things about the RV9, do you think it's that much better to be worth expanding my budget for?
  9. Wow thanks for all the quick advice! Miller, thanks for mentioning the lifetime warranty on the avid. The 5 year warranty was something I was thinking about with the wild river, I've heard the Raven IM8 only has a 1-year warranty. I'm hesitant about the wild river though as I don't know much about it and I'm wondering how good a float rod can be that isn't that much more expensive than my St. Croix walleye rod. I should mention also that I prefer 3-piece to 2-piece due to driving a smaller car. The rivers I fish are the Credit (most often), Niagara, Bronte, with a few annual trips to the G
  10. Aside from the fishing part of things, I would definitely recommend going some other time to enjoy the backpacking on the Bruce Peninsula. I have backpacked that section of the Bruce Trail and stayed at both backcountry sites in the BP National Park. The views are great from the trail along the escarpment. But it's not the place to go looking for steelhead. Go another time for the hiking. Your trip idea sounds fantastic though! I haven't combined backpacking and fishing yet. Please post a report of your trip! I might look to plan something similar for myself next year.
  11. Nice chrome, must have put up a nice fight.
  12. Since I bought my centerpin in the 2011 fall season, I have been using it with a 10'6" Shakespeare rod. This year I want to finally upgrade to a decent float rod. I am looking for something 13-14 feet. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, so I apologize for redundancy. The two rods I'm looking at at the moment are: 1) Raven IM8 14' ($250 at local shop) 2) St. Croix Wild River 13'6" ($200 at local shop) My preference is sliding rings. For budget I am looking at something likely below $300 (but I am open to suggestions that aren't too far beyond $300). I think I want to go with a new ro
  13. This is my second season hunting goose, and aside from difficulties obtaining landowner permission, I'm struggling with having few goose decoys. More decoys aren't likely in the budget in the near future. Between myself and my hunting partner, we only have 2 dozen decoys. We usually set up in corn/bean fields, and we have one river spot. Can anyone offer some advice on optimizing our set up with only two dozen decoys? Thanks in advance for any tips.
  14. I usually only make it over to Niagara to fish steelhead. I fish for browns in the spring/summer months in my area, so I want to start giving Niagara a shot for browns as well. Could anyone help me out with an approximation of when the browns start/end their run in the fall? From what I understand it's earlier than the steelies?
  15. Flashlight I can remember. Toilet paper seems to be the thing I always forget. But now we're getting off topic haha.. I enjoy fishing in Queenston as well. I usually prefer more secluded spots but sometime's it's nice to be able to park and fish a few feet from the car.
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