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  1. Google the following words... Wunderground Marine weather buoy Port Colborne This will take you to a link with wind data, wave heights, etc. I use this site alot. I have it bookmarked. I was in your shoes. Spend some time studying the data and you will be able to figure things out. I also use Windfinder and Windytv. Take Care.
  2. Two thoughts... 1. Think about 2 ft itis before you purchase a boat. 2. Make sure you have yer tranny flushed before u tow. Just sayin.
  3. I sent mine too Hagersville... two weeks later it was finished. Good workmanship... but I will be purchasing a back up prop for the future... I missed being out there...
  4. Fantastic. Kids look like they had a blast!
  5. Funny story... we came back in at 2 and tjat was the same for everyone... people were watching you guys saying "those guys must be dialed into something... the ve been out there all day while we were getting skunked!" If we only knew... hahaha
  6. Thanks... much appreciated. Will aim to post a follow up.
  7. So... I spent the last two weeks telling the kids to "watch out for rocks"... and we never hit a single one. Yesterday I was in a hurry packing in the rain and backed up into a dumpster. Pro. We didnt lose a fishing day. Con. Aluminum prop 20 Percent smaller today than yesterday. Any recomemdations for repair? Thanks in advance.
  8. Agreed... but lets also give "props" to all the guys n gals that do the right thing. I was taking out of Crystal on Friday and it was a zoo. But guess what? It was a well run machine where people took thier turns, helped each other, watched people s kids when dads got their trucks etc. 90 percent of us never get noticed because we do the right thing. Just sayin.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I have worn it on ontario, erie,and the upper. In rough, bumpy, and calm conditions. I never once noticed it was on. Best fishing purchase ever.
  10. Thanks! Has anyone on the forum ever used inflated theirs? It seems odd to pull a rip cord before falling in.
  11. Ok... I just bought one. What are your experiences with them? How often do they need to be charged? Do you have trouble finding c02? Is it comfortable?
  12. I grew up watching my dad leave to fish alone in the mornings when up north and never questioned it. I will fish occasionally alone now... but am now starting to question if this is a good idea. Do you guys fish alone? What precautions do you take if you do?
  13. Have you ever googled "anglers atlas"? I use that site quite a bit... mostly for up north
  14. I just print the pages I need. I suppose its my job to enforce the regs to now eh? :„Äč
  15. X3 for braid... watch out when you do get a snag when trolling with braid... no give can result in snapped rods very quickly.
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