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  1. On ‎7‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 7:25 AM, DaveC said:

    I guy I know fly fishes bass from shore on Erie somewhere and does well...I asked him but apparently its top secret..lol.  Id like to chase some Erie bass with the fly rod from shore if anyone would care to share me a place with some structure where I could try. PM me please if you don't mind sharing a spot where I might have some success. Thx !!!

    Let me know when you find a few. :) 

  2. I would suggest not taking your daughter, until you are sure of the area, not worth the risk in my opinion plus just the walk down to the whirl pool can be pretty "hairy". Always keep a eye on the water as it comes up fast.

    Be safe.

  3. On ‎5‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 6:58 AM, Dboifario said:

    Check out something called the mono rig for chechz nymphing. On trout hunter. It’s awesome for this style of fishing. Use all the time 

    That is all i run, no fly line at all, just backing to mono... 

  4. Good day everyone, with bass season opening in the next few weeks, was thinking of swinging for a few. Can anyone point to a general area on the Ninth river or other rivers or tributaries I could target them, please do not give up specifics or if you prefer I would appreciate a P.M. I will be wading so needs to be areas that this is possible. 

    thanks I really appreciate it, and info will be kept to myself. If I can help in any way let me know I know many places for browns, rainbows and brookies, I can get you on these fish.

  5. 1 hour ago, tombo said:

    I would def be using at least 8wt setup for carp! BPS has a TFO (Temple fork outfitters)8-9 wt combo kit. Pretty good gear, I have 3 TFO fly rods and no problems so far.

    Agree a 8 weight is ideal for carp, also take a look at a couple Fenwick combos available at Sail. I have owned a few Fenwicks and they are very nice for the $.

  6. First let me say congrats on a great day on the fly!!!

    If you are interested in Euro nymphing/tight line nymphing . You should look at a 10-11 foot rods specific to that style of fly fishing. Also the leaders are the most important part of euro nymphing.

    I use a 10' 3 weight and a 11' 2 weight , with no fly line... yes no fly line I run a mono rig. I use 30 to 40 feet of 20 pound maxim chameleon mono down, to 5 feet of 15 pound maxim chameleon mono, then 24 inches of 10 pound or 2x tippet sighter ( indicator tippet ) with a 2mm tippet ring tied to the end. Add tippet as required ( length ). I typically use only 6x and 5x fluro tippet. This is all tied strait on to 20 pound backing and that is it. Here is a good link for you to read over: https://troutbitten.com/2016/02/03/the-mono-rig-and-why-fly-line-sucks/

    I never use a bobber the indicator tippet acts as a sighter for strike detection, and it is VERY effective. As far as shot I personally don't,  I run double nymphs .  For weight look at bigger beads 4mm, 3.5mm 3mm tungsten. Most of my nymphs are tied on to size 16, 14, 12 jig hooks ( barbless ). Also you can always add lead wire to your flies for added weight.

    This style of fly fishing is DEADLY and will produce a lot of fish.... and big fish to boot. 

    Also there is a lot of info out there. Have fun and tightlines!


    Have fun and tightlines !



  7. 1 hour ago, smerchly said:

    Where we fished it was only about 4 ft. deep & murky .  You may find deeper spots by navigating by canoe . It may be a great place to see wild life . Back in those days (1950's) , we saw snakes, turtles and bull frogs ....probably see beavers, mink and water birds of all sorts now.

    Maybe worth while to take my son (7yr old). He something of a bird watcher and fisherman..... just like good ole dad.

    We fish the lower part of this creek where it opens into Jordan harbour, good for a variety of species and he always catching a few every time out. Plus great place for any fan of birds.

  8. 11 minutes ago, smerchly said:

    I fished the 20 Mile Creek as a kid  near St.Anns . It was loaded with cat fish, some carp , sunfish , rock bass ,   probably more species like suckers, drum and a few perch .  We had access through farm land (relative) but I don't know of places to access by land now . Canoe/yak may be best option .

    Cheers, is the water deep up there? I have mapped out a few locations, that could be accessed by foot. I am more curious about this water having drive by it the other day and got to wondering if there would be anything worth fishing up there.

  9. Any fish in the upper parts of 20 mile creek? Talking about above 20 Valley golf club. Not asking for spots just want to know if there is any fish in those stretches of 12mile.




  10. Get away from the title "Niagara" people automatically presume it is just dedicated to the "Niagara" river. Start expanding to other "tribs" and bodies of water in Southern Ontario. I find the lack of data and info on other systems push me to seek other forums. It is a shame because there are some good people on here.


  11. On ‎2‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 5:41 AM, DaveC said:

    Looks great Painter, I wont be able to watch much tv for a while as my Dad passed yesterday and my plate is really full right now. I will be in touch with you when I can finally find some free time. Right now that's not possible....but it looks good, I really like it.

    Dave, so sorry for your loss.


  12. Thanks Dave great info there and I will check out the facebook link. Please keep me informed on the Airflos, I have never tried any of there lines so will be VERY interested in a report form you.

    What is the difference between the Airflo and Rio nymphing line? What rod are you currently using for your 3 weight nympher? ( nympher.... don't even know if that is a word but sounds dirty! :) ).



  13. I should also mention I have been using a Tenkara rod for Czech nymphing, it is a great tool for this style of fishing. I have had good success with it. The rod is 12 feet long I use 12 feet of 3.5 level line ( high visible orange ) , and 5-6 feet of fluorocarbon tippet 6x or 5x.

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