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  1. I have spent a lot of time dedicated to the technique this season but have not bought a specific line, I did buy a Fenwick Aetos 4 weight 10 foot rod for this purpose though. Currently using Rio gold intouch line. So I will also be interested in hearing any feedback on specific lines.
  2. Wondering if anyone has been up to the forks lately. Just wondering on the water conditions if anyone can give me some feed back. Was going to head up this weekend if conditions are ok to swing some flies and do a little Tenkara. tightlines
  3. Bow Man


    Larger rods are still flexy, but have a lot of back bone, as far as the fixed line you can have as much line as you like if you use what they call level line ( you essential cut the line to the length you would like ), if you use furled leader I believe you can get them up to 20 feet long. Also you can add as much tippet as you like to extend the distance of the setup. The bigger rods are any where from 14 to 23 feet long, so with rod line and tippet you potentially can have 40 + feet of playable distance. At times you ay have to move in order to "play" the fish. Here is a great site with tons of great info for any one interested in tenkara: http://www.tenkarabum.com/ Here is a video I saw, I am sure there are many more to show the ability of tenkara and carp.
  4. Nice Catfish. Where do you do your carp fishing ..... if you don't mind me asking.
  5. I think I am going to have to give carp ago.
  6. You are correct, I could not remember it has been a few years since I used there website. But the do have quality goods and parts. www.mudhole.com is another site, which If I remember correctly is the USA site. cheers
  7. Thank you Dave, this is the first year I have really targeted bass on the fly, and have to say it is a lot of fun.
  8. Hat of to you guys they are tough species on the fly.
  9. You might want to check out this company: luremaking.com Not sure how expensive it would be now, but a few yrs ago I built some spinners using there parts. Good luck and keep us posted when you get some built. tightlines
  10. Bow Man


    Flycarp they do make specific tenkara rods for large fish like carp.
  11. Nice guys, great to see members getting together to help each other out, great stuff. Out curiosity what weight rods are you fellows using for carp, I would presume 8 weight?
  12. ooops double post..... sorry.
  13. Bow Man


    Yes they come in different lengths and actions/flex. They can typically be any where from around 8 feet up to 23 feet but 12 feet is the most common length, as far as action they come in at a rating of 5:5 which would be very similar to glass rods ( full flex ) 6 :4 medium/full and 7:3 more tip flex of a feel. I only use 5:5 and 6:4 rods in lengths of 10, 12, 14 feet. It is a very effective way to fish, and a blast to fish.
  14. So with all this drought and heat i have not been able to fish for my beloved trout, so decided to try and hit up some bass today on the fly. Landed 8 LMB. . So this is the first time I have tried to target bass on the fly, so I am very happy with the results. All caught on size 10 black and brown wolly buggers. Landed a couple nice LMB tightlines
  15. Bow Man


    I have been fishing Tenkara little over a 2yrs now and find it to be a amazing way to fish small creeks and streams. The presentation of the fly is simply amazing, it is so easy to cast and place your fly any where you want with pin point accuracy. The ability to simply just "pick up" the fly and place it where you want is a great benefit ( no false casting required ). This gives you the ability to fish and cover a area quickly and effectively. Also the ability to fish in the tightest of spots, heavy cover and over hanging trees and brush. Tenkara will never replace my western style of fly fishing but has become another great tool / way to fly fish. I would suggest to any if they can or ever thought about trying Tenkara do so you will not be disappointed. If anyone has questions please don't hesitate to ask. tightlines
  16. Bow Man


    Just wondering if any one here is into Tenkara fishing.
  17. I was wondering if any of you fine gentlemen and ladies, could direct me to some rivers or creeks or streams, where I might be able to do some blue gill fishing on the "fly". Thought they woud be fun on a 3 weight. Pm me if you do not want to post locations ( I understand ). I am located in Stoney Creek and will travel. Thank you for any help or general feedback. tightlines
  18. What the hell was he doing in the water? Was he wading or did he fall in? Good for you though, and hope he is ok.
  19. Hearing a lot about Pete's would some be so kind to give me a address....
  20. 95% local shop, anything else I go to Sail. I have only been to the new BP once, and found that a lot of stuff seem very expensive for a big box store, Sail when compared is cheaper. My local shop same prices as BP or on some items cheaper. I guess it could also be to the fact I mostly fly fish, and BP lacks in that area Sail on the other hand has a lot more fly gear. But it is a "pretty" store. Agree on the no Canadian Site.
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