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  1. Cheers, i use the "web" alot but there is something about a book in hand that i just like.
  2. Anyone recommend a good book for fly identification purposes? I was looking at this one, but if there are better or other options let me know. http://www.amazon.ca/Essential-Trout-Flies-Dave-Hughes/dp/0811727483/ref=pd_sim_b_1?tag=ca-skim0x3534-20
  3. I agree Schnipster, I am just trying to find a organization I can get behind to help out, I worry as with many "organizations " that my money goes to the "cause" and not to the pockets. I know that my self and a few friends go out to our local "hole" 4-6 times a year and try to clean up the best we can, but there are always the few that just don't care. I have read many mixed reviews on T.C.U, so I wonder if this is the right direction for me to go.
  4. So you seen that post ..... I know I am shocked I could not even bother to respond to some of those guys.
  5. Thanks guys, maybe it is not worth taking the little guy? If I do go I think I will take the go train in to save a little cash. thanks again.
  6. Any one going this year? I think i will take my 4 yr old this year he got his first rod and reel for christmas and now just wont stop talking and asking questions, so i think he would love it. Side note: I am more excited then him to take him out for his first time this spring!
  7. Bow Man


    Thanks for the feed back D McV, hope to give it a go this year.
  8. Costco Ancaster today it was 84.4.
  9. Jmo1685, sorry never mind did a little google search and found out what i was looking for. Thanks.
  10. Can you give me the info for the local Trout Unlimited Chapter. cheers.
  11. Nice. Please keep us updated with future info. thank you ( future member )
  12. Would love to, but sadly working afternoons this week.
  13. Just curious to know if there any good fly clubs around the Niagara region. Cheers
  14. I got the usual socks, undies, clothes...etc...etc..... Plus a $250.00 gift card for Wilsons and a $250.00 gift card for Sail. ( my wife knows me so well ).
  15. Merry Christmas to all, have a safe and wonderful holiday.
  16. Congrats to both of you, I am sure you will be a great benefit to this terrific forum. look forward to all the wisdom you guys will add. cheers
  17. Nice work Tom, do you also do the glass engraving your self?
  18. My Christmas wish, that very one still call it Christmas, not the new politicaly correct term of "Holidays" It is Christmas! Almost forgot Merry Christmas to all on this forum. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas.
  19. Bow Man

    Why ?

    This is disgusting! If i ever saw some one leaving this kind of mess at any fishing "hole", i would jam that hook right through their "roe" sack. God forbid any one walking their dog or with their children get hooked with any of this garbage. It is a shame that another fishing spot will eventually be closed off because of a few ignornant, self centered people. So sad.
  20. Come on........You photo shopped those to make them look bigger didn't you. LOL Still nice healthy looking fish.
  21. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy Sail stores, I still do most of my shopping at Mom and Pop, but like the fact that Sail is a Canadian outfit, plus as stated the creation of local jobs. Hope them good success.
  22. Filled up last nite @ $1.09 near my work ( Waterdown ). I hear they say it might hit $1.00 or a little less soon.
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